A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-13

Chapter 5-13As he return to an even colder Appaloosa Plain, he decided to remodel his house.

Repaint it and enclose the martial Arts area.

All his hard work on martial Arts had paid of and he was getting very good.

Zeus was now a beautiful two year old stallion, that was forever wandering around town

As for Marius’s exercise routine. He make that change from gym work out to jogging in the afternoon.

The time it only took him two months to remember to develop his photo’s and

hand them in at the consignment store.

He even checked in at the local Alchemy store. to see if Amy had maybe brought some elixirs in. But at

last nothing what he was looking for  .

So he set up and started brewing his own. He could not make everything he wanted. But he make

what he could. That was…

until his Uncle Ronny appeared. For a quick delivery from his grandma Rose. He just handed the

parcel over and was off again. Inside was everything Marius dreamed of. Thanks Grandma

Rose  (Always said Rose are the best – Thanks Piazzagirl – I just feel horrid that I accidentally

deleted Ronny’s pic. And now I don’t find it in the bin  )

Alsysia phoned Marius one evening after work. She was over the moon, for she had just made

squad Leader. To celebrate this, Marius invited her to dinner.

And after diner they went to his place.

When Marius ask her to stay the night, she was more then happy to. In fact she look forward to

it, and the fun they could have. 

Then she immediately made a bee-line for the ice-cream maker. No matter that they just had


The girl sure love her ice-cream, and that in the middle of an extra cold winter.

After her ice-cream, thing quickly became hot and

heavy between the couple. The end result was that they took their relationship a step further.

While Marius slept, Alsysia strutted around the house in her lingerie.

She definitely was not some to get cold fast, for she spend hours on Marius’s computer,

messaging her friend. Was she telling them about the night??

The next morning she left, before Marius even awoken.

By the time Marius got out of bed, even the mailman had done his rounds. In the mail was a

letter from the town counsel. Marius had won some or other reward. He was to attend a ceremony

at City hall to collect it.

So off Marius was to City Hall. Wondering what award he could possible have won. Yes, he was

a good photographer, but real a reward, it seemed a bit presumptions for him.

The handed his the keys to the city. Marius was just floored.

Leaving City Hall. Out into the bitter cold, Marius made the decision to leave for Egypt.

He had to give the entomologist the bugs, before they die on him. But this time he booked an

open ticked. He would return when he feel like it.

After giving the bug-guy his bugs. Marius was of to do anything he felt like. he went excavating

any dig sites he came across.

Other times he just could bugs, to use later in potions.

One night while camping, some wild horses came hanging around the tent.

Marius made sure to go see all the sites in Egypt. previously when he was here, he was more into

exploring. Now he was just enjoying himself.

He even found a lost Amazonian Yellow-napped bird. Catching it and looking after it.

While excavating Marius found the 5th piece of the king sarcophagus and the last and also 5th

piece of his Canopic jar collection.

Marius loved the bird he found. He would play with it often.

He even went as far as to name it, Cleopatra, after all he did found it in Egypt.

But naming her Cleopatra, seem to have been a bad idea. She soon after he named her, she started

biting him almost every time he touched her.

Marius also made time to just relax next to the fish water or

at the market place. Reading a good book.

By the time he eventually went back home. He could not believe five long years had pass.

Marius was shock to realize, just how much of his baby sister and…

brother’s lives he had missed. He had look forward to have them in his live, but now he was never

around to be with them.

Rose II had grew up so beautiful, Marius told his dad, Micheal better buy a gun. For when this one

turn into a teen, the whole towns boys will come knocking. Not actually what his dad wanted to hear.

And Leon II showed that he was not a carbon copy of his older brother.

This time Marius remembered to develop his photo’s and

gave then to Miss. Haliwell at the consignment store.

He also made more time for his friends and family.

Even upgrading Rose’s stove after a fire, to make sure it was fireproof.

Still Marius made time for his Martial Arts. He was improving fast.

Rose moved into the house across from Marius, so they send even more time together. Specially

since her sister, Alsysia, was so busy with her work. Every time Marius phoned her, she was on her

way to work or just to tired to meet up.

The result of this new close friendship, was Rose making a move on Marius one day at her house.

Marius, showed that his cheater reputation, was uncalled for, for he let her down gently. Not letting

her get in even a kiss.

Some months later he met up with Alsysia’s dad, to have a man to man talk with him. Marius

wanted to marry his daughter, and wanted the mans permission. Benjamin agreed, he know that

the girls have tested this young man. And he had not failed the test. Marius was true to Alsysia,

not cheating on her. No matter what anyone else wanted to day about him.

So some days later, Alsysia finally agreed to come over to Marius’s place.

They had a long and frank discussion about their future.

Marius went down on one knee, too

ask her to be his wife.

Alsysia say, or rather yelled, YES. This one may not like kids, but she sure loved her ring.

After the engagement, things moved upstairs…

Where it quickly became hot and heavy

Marius must have tired her out this time, for she actually slept next to him. 


EA named, sometime just have me laughing at the weirdness of it, Frankenstein Einstein. He came

walking out after Marius, when Marius received his reward.


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