A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-14

Chapter 5-14 (A short chapter because China is driving me nuts.
The game lag and hang every 5 minutes)

Last time Marius had ask Alsysia to get marry him. So the following morning he asked his

parents over. Only Amy could make it, and with a shock Marius realize. Just how old his parents is

Amy had aged into and old women, seemingly over night.

And time was not kind to her at all.

The following night Alsysia held an party at her house, to celebrate, her engagement. And as all

young couple, it did not take them long to get some privacy. Even in the igloo if need be…

Flora however cornered her daughter, and asked her out about her love life. Wanting to know if

they were using protection. (Maybe someone should have had that conversation with Flora when
she was younger, heck even know)

A month after the party,, Marius received a call from Rose. She needed his help. She had to find

out what the secret techniques is that the Chinese had. She needed someone, to go find out and
as Marius loved to travel. She first thought of him.

Marius was bored, and with Rose being his best friend. He decided to help. So he booked a airline

ticket to China.

After arriving, he did check himself into the same lodge. This time with a private room. He put his

luggage away.

Then checked the board for adventures, before setting off to the guy that may be able to help

with Rose’s inquiry.

The guy was more then willing to help. Marius just had to ask.

And the adventure Marius took at the board, turned out to be the mans wife. She just wanted

some relics. Luckily Marius had more then enough in his bag.

With nothing else to do, and no more adventures on the board, Marius went bug hunting to keep

busy. (This was the second problem and the first of many times there was no adventures available.
First problem was that he could not re-enter the temple tomb, to complete it  )

He did find some dig sites, that delivered some nice replacement relics, including a snake relic. 

The next day, there was an adventure. The relic Merchant wanted him to go hunt for some

assassin bugs. (H.e.l.l not that desperate yet.)

So Marius rather went to the gardens to train in Martial Arts.

Then one day (His 5th day in China) he got an actual adventure. He was ask to collect a relic

from below the hot springs. So off Marius went. Pongu axe in hand 

Down the well he go.

The first room he came into was full of fire trap, this as easily disarmed, by stepping on the

feet stone. And letting the water douse it. Then it was just to attempt crossing the water, and
down another well.

The next room was more fire traps, so in the room next to it.

He found movable statues and gear stone. He just moved the statues, and one revealed a floor

hole. So he fiddled in it, revealing a feet stone and a hidden door.

Behind the hidden door was a treasure chest. So Marius collected the treasure and moved back to

trigger the feet stone.

Down yet another well, he quickly made his way across the small puzzle. To the room he was

looking for. He also found with the Relic the women wanted, the Antique symbol of the Hot
Springs Cave.

Down the last well he went. That one brought him back to the surface.  He also finished his

second tomb in China.

Marius had now completed 2 tombs in China, 5 in France (Yes 5, when he went to Egypt to the

bug-guy he got a complete tomb, I had missed it some how. Saw it when I got back to
Appaloosa Plains  ). And Egypt is done.

So Marius returned to the women, and handed her the Relic.

He was quickly of to find another adventure. But all

there was, was the nuts assassin bug hunt. So Marius took it. Hoping to later get something


The Chinese government took pity on Marius, and granted him his 3rd level visa. Since it was

clear he will be coming back.

The following day, Marius got a call from the martial arts master. Asking his to please spar

with his grand daughter twice. He wanted to see how good she was.

But Marius was to well trained for her. He beaten her twice, without breaking a sweat.

When he reported back to the master. The master eventually gave him a decent quest.


Marius unlocked an achievement for me. He did 30 Opportunities. 


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