A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-15

Chapter 5-15Last time Marius had eventually received a decant adventure in China.
He was to go looking for Ancient Scroll. Now that was just up Marius’s alley.
Since he was still searching for the piece of the map rumored to be in China.
Heck any information on Draconus Vallis, would make him happy.
So off to the Ancient Monks Retreat he was…
Triggering the feet stone, opened the way below.
As he clear one of the rubble piles, he found a hole in the wall. Fiddling with it, he open

up a hidden door leading to a treasure chest.
So he returned to the room were the key he was given would fit. And trough the door he go…
He had to move same statues around, till he found another hole in the wall.
After some logic solving traps, having to figure out the order to switch it of in. To get trough

Marius make it deeper into the retreat. Find a chest on the way…
Pass more fire traps, this time. He only skirted it, pushed the statue on the gear stone. The
door to the room he wanted was open.
Inside he found the writings. A quick look show that there was mention of the Elven map
piece. Deep in the bowls of the Dragon Cave. But the keystone to the entrance have been
missing for a very long time.
with this knowledge he took the writings to return to the Martial Arts master.
He now has 3 tombs in China, moving slowly to completing his LTW.
The next evening, when a new adventure was placed. He made sure to be the first. 

It was to find the keystone to the Dung Hou treasure. Rumor has it that the keystone was

buried beneath the market place. So Marius looked around, and found a trigger behind the
general store.
As he head inside. He had a marvelous time, breaking boulders.
Below the boulders he found holes in the ground, with just as marvelous treasure.
Slowly he made his way trough the maze of tunnels. Opening hidden doors, and finding wonderful

With a keystone, he found behind a hidden door. He was able to open the door to the room he
needed to be in.
Looking around he did not find any information on where the lost key to the entrance in the Dragon
Cave could be. He had hope to find something. But maybe somewhere else.
So he left to give the keystone he found to the man. This was the 4th tomb he fully explored in
China and still so little information on Draconus Vallis. He had put his heart on finding what he
wanted to know here. Where legendary Dragons ruled.
Handing the keystone to the man, he ask that Marius get permission too enter Dung Hou’s
treasure chambers. With the keystone and permission.
Marius was of exploring again.
In the treasure rooms, he found gems and Ancient coin. But there were also some lovely old
wines. Marius helped himself to some of it, to take home.
He found four keystone, when placed in to keystone holes, it open op four feet stones. He
stepped on the feet stones and was able to deactivate the traps, that prevented him from
going further.
Pass the now disarmed traps he jiggled some movable statues around. Till he could get the
red one on a gear stone.
He collected all the treasure including a family treasure. From the main treasure room. Inside
one of the chest he found a volume that described a battle General Dung Hou had taken part
in. It was on an Ancient land, where people of legends life, he helped them fight dragon as in
real life Humongous Dragons.
This was the most information he got yet, for Marius was convince. The place mentioned was
Draconus Vallis. The volume did not say, if they won or lost the battle, but he believe that all
his trouble getting trough this place, was worth it.
Now he only needed to get the piece of the map from the Landgraab Chateau in France, and the
piece somewhere in the Dragon Cave. He know that he would not be the one to find the piece
lost in the future. But he plan to make sure the legend and all he know will continue with his
family. Maybe one of his descendants can find the future piece, if he can leave them the other
three pieces.
The next day, Marius was contacted to actually find more out about the Dragon Cave. He could
not believe his luck.
A friendship potion later – Courtesy of piazzagirl1015, Rose send via Ronny
Marius know to got to France. Someone there, the Wine Merchant, know something.
So he booked a flight back home. No use hanging around here, when he has work to do someplace

Back home, Marius decided to first put together some of the find he have found so far. He started
with a Sim Al-Hara, sarcophagus. Getting this right , without breaking any of the pieces.
He went inside to put the Kings Sarcophagus together. Both he stored away, in a storage facility
in town.
And lastly he build a driving well at the side of his house.
As he had so much gems and metal. Marius decided o practice his conversion spell on some of it.
But he was out of practice, and set the place ablaze.
Then he used magic to put the flames out. Luckily his ice blast charm was better then his
conversion spell. 
This was how ever too much for Marius to handed, and
he took up drinking again. Finishing a hole bottle on his own.
A next day, Marius went looking for Rose. To give her the information he had gathered in China.

She did ask him why it took so long and he fibbed.
And so Marius reached level 10 in Athletic.
He spend time developing his photo’s so he…
could sell them again at Miss Haliwell’s consignment store. For he

was to meet up with Alsysia, for a romantic night.

At dinner, Alsysia ask him when he last saw his parents. So he admitted it was a while ago. Around

the time Amy turned grey.
So she convince him, to change their plans. And go over to his parents instead.
Marius was shock to notice, just how fast time was passing. For Micheal was now just as grey as
Amy. But strangely, now in his old age, he smiled more, then ever before. Amy sure must be looking
after him. 
As they left the elder Greenleaf’s for Marius’s place. Alsysia happily informed him she was promoted,
while he was go. So much that she was now a Top Gun. Smiling…
Marius informed her that he too was promoted that some night. They were both level 9 n their
respected careers.
They headed upstairs to celebrate their promotions in bed.
Early the next morning Marius was the one to leave Alsysia in bed, as…
he booked a flight to…

France. He was eager to get the information for the keystone.

So eager that he went strait to the Merchant when he arrived in France. Catching her still at

She said the best she can do was to send him to a descendant of the groundskeeper of the
Landgraab Chateau. She may be able to tell him more.
There was an affair, many years ago. And in revenge General Landgraab, stole the key and hide
it in Landgraab Chateau. She handed Marius a keystone, passed down in her family line.
With that Marius was off to the Landgraab Chateau.
Marius had a ball, with the Pongu Axe, at the Landgraab House…
before he went inside. He quickly made his way to the only lock door, and entered. Searching the

He found a hidden door.
All the way down to the cellar.
Where he found the Dragon Cave keystone, and the second piece of the map.

Deeper in the cellar was a beautiful grape garden, so he set to pick what he could. Some was

rather rear species.
As now all he need it the one map piece from China and then his descendants will one day
hopefully find the other piece.
He was sad that he would not be the one to find the mystical island of Draconus Vallis. But his
hope he will place in future generations.
A nights rest in one of the beds, and a long bath the next morning. And Marius was ready to
return home, but…
not before he
raided the Chateau’s wine cellar.
Pocketing any wine, he could lay his hands on.

First ting he did arriving home, was developing his photo’s and…

handing them if for sale.

Before heading over to the women he love more then life.

Alsysia, was a bit awkward, went she invited him in. Marius wondered what could possibly be

wrong. He was gone for less then a week, he did leave her alone. Did she not find the letter
he left?
After inviting him in. She began to explain. Not even giving Marius time to sit…


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