A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-16

Chapter 5-16Last time after returning Marius, heading over to the women
he love more then life.
Alsysia, was a bit awkward, went she invited him in. Marius wondered what could possibly be wrong.He
was gone for less then a week, he did leave her alone. Did she not find the letter he left?
After inviting him in. She began to explain. Not even giving Marius time to sit before she started telling

him all about what had happened since he last left.
The day he left for France, she was so happy when she got his little note. So she happily set of to work.
But things went south when she arrived at work and was called into the bosses office. Marius was like,
why would they call her in, she just got promoted, he know how much she wanted to be an astronaut.
Did she get fired?
After taking a deep breath Alsysia continues. “It seem that when her mother gave birth to her all those
many years ago. The doctor how brought her into the world, see that see was born Fae, even with a
human dad, contacted his brothers. One was the Mayor at the time, the other a Brigadier-general in the
army. There was a long term space mission planned, but they needed six people to man it. But human
life was not long enough, and the scientist still could not get the stasis pots working. Still to this day
can’t. So they gave Flora an ultimatum. She will have six Fae off spring. Or they will take her daughter
away. Raise her, and bread her. Flora decided, that if she has six kids. Least they will all stay together.
And with their long lives, 100 years, would not kill them. They will come back to a time change, still alive
and together. They could start their lives anew them. But…”
“Wallace her second boy, was born human. SO she had to go through seven pregnancies. When Wallace
was born. The Army was at her door, to take her 3 other kids away. She pleaded, and promises to keep
going till she had the six Fae kids.” Marius was utterly shocked, how could human be so mean.
Tears was now running down Alsysia’s face as she continue. “As you know in ten month’s Rebecca will
turn 13. The Brigadier-general, said, that the rest of us have enough experience. I would be an astronaut,
by then. Rose will have the communication skills we should need. And poor Buddy Beau will have the
scientific knowledge, you know his little one only turned 2 yesterday, he has to leave his wife and kid.
We are to leave the day after Rebecca turns 13. If we refuse…” Marius hugged her as she could not go on.
“Love does this mean I’ll loose you too. Is their nothing we can do.”
Alsysia flipped. “Did I not just told you that the S.O.B’s gives as no choose. They will lock us all up. Then
we will loose not just each other, but I will loose my whole family. They will bread me and my siblings like
guinea pigs. Take any kids, we have away. SO we can have more. Those kids will be force on that mission.
I don’t think, they will even wait for them to be Adults. They will send them, like poor Becca, as soon as
they are teen. I may not like kids, but by G.O.D I will not put this on any of my own kids. I’ll never have
kids. I swear. It’s over, you understand. We are over. I can not risk you getting hurt. I don’t know what
else to do, but we are over.” Alsysia pushed Marius out the door and lock it.
No amount of pleading could get her to open it again. So Marius return home, where he opened up a
and finish it off.
Before going to bed, in the early morning hours, as dawn breaks. His world has just fallen apart around
Later that day he called his parents over. He needed someone to talk to. As he talk Micheal listened in
silence. He was lost, how could he help his boy.
Amy listened closely, will this be the future to more supernatural beings? What will they do to witches
next, her kids?
To Marius she, promise that they will think of something. Both parents left Marius’s place in a rather
baffled state. No matter how much they would like to help Marius. They know they could not fight the
Marius sat down, to type a long blog about all of this. Maybe if he can get, more people to know the truth…
A week past by slowly. Marius hurt so much even eating became a chore. He made the choose to just left.
For the response he got on the blog, was saddening him more. It was clear human’s did not care about the
Fae in Appaloosa Plains.
So he booked a plane ticket out of there. Heading for China.
First thing he did arriving in China, was to give the keystone. He found in the Landgraab Chateau to Li
Chung. Li told him, to enter the cave, he must be a martial arts master, and strong enough to break
space rocks.
So Marius set to work, to become a master. It turns out to be a good way for him, too keep his mind
and body busy. Not having time to think of Alsysia and the future.
He was able to break a space rock soon…
and became a master not even a week later.
When he went to tell Li. Li told him he is not a master until he proven himself against an opponent.

As the only available spar partner, was a rather large lady. Marius at first did not put his all into the

fight. He did not like the idea of hitting a women, though he soon learn how wrong he was. After loose
to her twice. Marius gave it his all and came away the winner.
When he got to Li, Li had already gotten word. So after laughing at Marius’s losses. He told him to
collect gems and metal for an amulet, that would protect him. For it was clear Marius was not a fighter,
he may have the skill, but he did not have the heart. So off Marius went of another crazy gem and metal
First he search for 3 pieces of jade…
The 2 pieces of Platinum
He brought it all back to Li, who made the amulet.

Before Li declared him ready to go into the Dragon Cave’s dept, to find and fight Dung Hou’s re-animated



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