A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-17

Chapter 5-17

Last time Marius was requested to go fight Dung Hou in the depths of the Dragon Cave. He was not so worried about the fighting, or even the adventure. No he only was looking forward to the possibility of getting the 3rd piece of Draconus Vallis’s map.

So he first got a good nights rest, as he know he would not see a bed for a long time, who long he never would have guest.

The next day after a hearty breakfast and long bath. Marius was off to the Dragon Cave.

He quickly found the hidden door, he last discovered, and with the keystone gained entrance.

He exploration, began slowly. Moving statues too…

unlock four doors in sequence. To pass through deeper in Marius went.

Sometimes he had to move statues around to get to trigger holes, in the walls.

Other times clear rubble to get to things, and on he went.

Disarming fire traps that was all over this place. Dung Hou had clearly never mend for anyone to come out of here alive.

Inside many hidden rooms, Marius found wonderful treasure.

He did get to do one of the things he like most. Smashing boulders. 

Down and down he went. Days turn to weeks…

Weeks turned to a month, and still down Marius went.

Till one day, he found the room he was searching for, or so he thought. The map piece must he hidden with Dung Hou…

The one chest was locked, but luckily Marius had a star shape keystone, brought from Egypt. But to his disappointment. No map piece in there.

So he went to activate the stepping stone…

Turns out there were a lot more stepping stones then what he thought…

And some of them released mummies, from within sarcophagus’s.

But unlike the time in Egypt, Marius was ready for them. First he took on a mummy in red. Beating

him solidly, thus sending him on his way in a whirl wind of dust

The other stronger mummy came out…

Attacking Marius who

beat his yellow butt into

a dust cloud. Send him on his way too.

With all the mummies out beaten. Marius was able to trigger the last stepping stone.

That brought Dung Hou out to play… 

Dung Hou made the first move. Attacking Marius as soon as he sets his eye on him.

But Marius was not holding back, he gave it his all.

And soon Dung Hou was sitting on his behind on the floor.

Beaten the old mummified warrior got up.

Only to be whirl away on the wind, dust to dust.

All that was left, was a small pile of dust the wind did not get hold off. Thus so end the re-animated Dung Hou.

Before leaving Marius checked all the sarcophagus’s for the map piece. Not finding it, he was starting too get worried. Did he missed it some where? Will he have to spend more time down here, or was it just that his information was wrong?

But as he made his was into the rooms, behind the newly opened up hidden doors. He found 3 chest. Marius just know he was close to it. He could feel magic, not unlike with the other 2 piece he had found. Back then he did not realize what it was, but know he know the feeling. The map piece was in here somewhere. Low and behold, he did find it in the one white chest in the room. The chest…

also opened up hidden door. Behind which were staircases, taking Marius all the way up to the exit.

With the 3 piece found Marius know he had complete is life long dream.

THANK GOODNESS – Never ever again


SO as Marius made his way back to report in, he was told everyone though him dead. Two months had pass since he entered the tomb.

Realizing just how long it was since he had a decent meal, Marius treated himself to a lovely steak.

Knowing he was now in China for nearly two and a halve months. Marius took some time of just to relax. He played chess with his Chinese friends in the scholars garden.

Then went fishing at the local hot springs.

He did even caught a prefect Doitsu Koi.

But mostly he just caught some great Kawarimono Koi’s.

When the 3 month mark came around. Marius returned home to Appaloosa Plains. He believe himself to now be more able to deal with the Alsysia issue.

First stop after arriving home was the consignment store…

to hand in the last vacation photo’s. He plan to ever take.

Then he went to see his family. To inform Micheal and Amy that while in China, he made the decision to say home from now on. He still need to find a way to get Alsysia out of her problem.

Marius could not believe, that he again missed the twins birthday. This only show him that the choose to not travel any longer, was a good one.

Leon II grew up, with Vera Alto’s eyes  . The Alto gens are rather strong in this one.

Rose II on the other hand,

prove Marius’s statement of long ago correct. Micheal is going to need to get himself a shotgun. She was just stunning.

Marius took a family photo, to remind him of all the time he lost. He best get himself together. The he got a call from Alsysia. She heard he was back in town, and wanted to talk to him asap.

Arriving at her house, she accused him of getting her pregnant on purpose. Forgetting that it takes two to tango, and the last time they had been together, was before he left for France, almost four months ago.

Marius kindly reminded her of that fact. Then ask why she was so upset. Was this not a good thing. He know she did not like kids, but now that she was with child, the government will not send her on the mission any longer.

She told him on the contrary…

Shortly after he last left she started having dizzy spells, then

when it was followed with stomach problem.

She made the mistake of going to the military doctors to find out what was wrong. When they told her, she was with child. The Brigadier-general told he. Since she was not married, and the father was forever away. The military and scientist will raise the child. She will be going on the mission. The more children they, she and her siblings left behind, the happier the Brigadier-general seen to be.

She did not want to let the government get their greedy little paws on her child. She may hate kids, but no way would she wish that on even her enemies child.

Marius said that would not happen. He had already decided to stay pout in Appaloosa Plains, and he will marry her. After all they are already engage.

Alsysia burst into tears. Apparently, the Brigadier-general, had informed all churches and the Town Hall not to grand her a marriage certificate. She was not to get married. They have already dissolved Buddy Beau’s marriage, and taken his kid away. They say to insure that Buddy go along with there plans. But they all know better.

It was to experiment on the child. Marius told her then they would leave town. Alsysia just shook her head. The siblings was warn not to try, Rose did and was caught. To punish her, Rebecca was wiped in front of them all. Her back is still healing. The next time one of them try to leave, Wallace will be killed. Marius promise he will make a plan…

Soon the couple were trying to calm each other. Just holding each other as they sat on the couch thinking. Before Marius left he could not help himself. He just had to kiss Alsysia.

Marius asked Micheal and Amy to came see him, without the twins. There were something he needed their help with. So as he spoke to both Micheal

and Amy. They were of one mind. Some how Marius must make sure the baby curry his name.

Amy will try and get a certificate from the alternate universe, they two must just say there vows in private. Where no-one can hear or see them She know this was not what Marius had wanted for Alsysia. But now they must first think of the little one. Alsysia should carry on as usual so not to raise suspicion.

Grateful to have his parents, support and hope Amy’s plan will work. Still even if the kid is a Greenleaf, how will they keep the military from getting there hand on it? This worried Marius tremendously.

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