A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-18

Chapter 5-18

Last time Marius had talked to his parents about Alsysia. Amy had promise to try and get them a marriage certificate from the alternate universe. Marius was very grateful for this support. If only he had knew just how much he would need it.

While Amy was making plans, trying to get the needed documents. Marius loved spending time with Alsysia and his little bambino. He was convince it would be a boy, as son run in his family. He would forever he talking to Alsysia’a tummy. She would just laugh at Marius’s antics. It help her relax.

But every time Marius felt her tummy she would get sad. Will he ever be given a change to hold his child. She…

may not like kids, but it was clear Marius would adore the little one. With the military forever interrupting them. Barging in at any time. Marius started to visit her late at night.

To spend a little uninterrupted time with her and her tummy.

It took Amy almost 3 months to get the needed papers, with the help of her family in Moonlight Falls in the Alternate universe. She immediately went to give it to Marius.

So one’s again late one night, Marius went to see her.

But this time he did not came to only visit her and her tummy…

This time, he was able to tell her for the first time. About the plans that was made. Some great grandfather of his, Emit had send the papers and a device that would record and transmit the vows to the alternate universe. There marriage will be recorded in both Moonlight Falls, this one and the alternate one, a copy would magically be placed in the Appaloosa Plains City Hall archives. Ever one hope this will be enough.

So Marius turned the device on, and said his vows. Putting a ring on Alsysia’s finger. It was just them and the devices. For if anyone else was to come, the military was sure to barge in again.

With tears in her eye, knowing that maybe, just maybe, her child will be save. Alsysia clearly stated her vows, making sure no one would ever be able to argue the words.

They sealed it with a kiss, just as the device disappear.

Alsysia, could not move into Marius’s place without drawing attention. But see did visit often. Specially as her time was getting close. The last week before her due date. She practically lived there.

Which was a good thing, for late one night. Her water broke. The labor pains chased her out of bed.

He loud mourns woke Marius up, how totally freaked out. He would much rather fight 20 more mummies, then watch Alsysia in pain. Worst…

Alsysia could not risk getting medical attention. She…

had to deliver her baby girl on her own.

Alsysia just gave the little one her first feeding, and turn….

to put her down when…

the Brigadier-general burst through the door. His spies had seen her go into labor, through the window. He came for her and the baby.

Marius whipped out the marriage certificate. Saying that they can not take the baby. He was the father, he had all the legal rights. Alsysia was his wife, and not going anywhere.

The Brigadier-general, laughed in Marius’s face. Then said that in Appaloosa Plains no marriage to a Fae was accepted. Alsysia as Fae was military property, and so would any of her offspring be.

As he went to grab the baby…

both parents jumped in front of the crib. Standing their ground. Keeping him away from the little girl.

He would not take that and called for backup.

Marius ones again told him to get lost.

The military has no say about his wife or baby.

They may be Fae, but they are not property.

The argument escalated, and…

before Alsysia know that …

was happening Marius and the Brigadier-general was fighting. Marius gave it his all. No way was they taking them away.

Thus the Brigadier-general soon landed on his butt on the floor 

This had ticket the man of even further. He was on the phone in a tick, and the next moment creams of pain echoed through the Greenleaf house.

Alsysia will come with him now, or next Wallace’s body would be dump on the Greenleaf’s lawn. It appeared the scream, was Wallace being tortured.

So as Alsysia, could not have the death of her brother on her conscience. She unwillingly left with the Brigadier-general. As Marius watch them go, the Brigadier-general promise to be back later for the baby. Marius just held his little one closer. Was all the plans for nothing?

As soon a Alsysia was dropped at the base. She and the older sibling was force to dress and enter the spaceship. Lee-Ann was held inside, and Wallace was hooked up to a electric chair. They had no chose, unless they were will to sacrifice their brother and baby sister. When the last of them went in, Lee-Ann was bragged out and shuffled in. The door lock and the spaceship was launch within 30 minutes.

(Abbott siblings = Alsysia in Red, Buddy Beau in Blue, Rose in Yellow, Tina in Pink and Maebe, also still a teen, in Purple. Lee-Ann not in photo was in green, she look a lot like Alsysia only with brown hair.)

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