A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-19

Chapter 5-19

Last time Marius watch helplessly as the Brigadier-general, drove off with Alsysia. Promising to be back for his baby girl.

As the day pass, Marius got a promotion to level 10 in the photographic career, but it did not hold his interest as it ones did.

By the time night fall, Marius’s whole family was at his place. They wanted to leave but know that in was to risky, they did not know Alsysia was already in space. Thus they did not want to get her hurt unnecessary, but they will do anything to keep the baby save. Thus the grown ups cover the front of the house.

While Leon cover the back entrance. It was risky to have the teen, do it alone. But he was strong in his magic, and would alert them if anything happens.

Rose was with the baby, whom Marius has yet to even name.

The family was right to think that they would come as night falls. For no sooner had the sunset or two squadrons of the armed forces arrived at Marius’s house.

Amy was first to get a hit, she used all of her magic to defend her family. Going on until she was read to pass out.

Marius was not far off. They gave it their all. Micheal headed the men off from entering the house.

And as the Greenleaf’s magic levels drained. Thing got physical. Marius did not stop, not even

when a whole squad, set on him at ones. He kept fighting. Amy could just look on, waiting for her magic to slowly return

And as soon as she had enough for even one spell, she was back at it again.

They military had a warlock of their own, and he got one good shot in on Amy, setting her on fire.

Marius however was the first to go down. Being hit by a high voltage stun-gun modified by the military to kill.

Amy did not even notice the passing of her eldest, as she thought the flames.

The remaining members of the squad, set their eyes on Micheal. As they considered his the second best fighter. They did not realize the power of magic, or did not care.

They did the same as with Marius, and attacked him as a group. Micheal did not stand a chance, he was old and had ever even been have as good a fighter as Marius.

So it was not surprise that he soon went down, being hit in the face with the same modified stun-gun.

The leader of the squadron, notice Amy was still fighting the flames…

so he hit her in the back with the stun-gun.

Leon heard the commotion and went to see if he could help.

But he was not prepared for what he was to find at the front of the house.

While he was still trying to recover from the shock, the squad leader hit him with the stun-gun too.

Then he b**** burst out laughing as Grimm…

come to collect the souls of the departed. Amy tried to beg for another chance. Just one more chance to teach the B**** a lesson, but Grimm was not up for it.

Micheal too begged, he did not beg for himself, but for the lives of his children and his grand daughter. Still Grimm was not will got grand him any respite.

And as Grimm went to collect Leon’s soul, the teen beg for the lives of his sister and the baby. He would gladly go, if only Grimm would spare them. Shaking his head, Grimm took the boys soul…

But Marius did not beg, he greeted Grimm for…

he had seen Rose getting away in the middle of all the fighting, with the baby in her arms.

Thus when the military entered the house after the fighting was over, it was only to find it empty. No sign of the baby.

Rose was hiding in one of the lesser used parks in town.

Making sure to keep the little one quite, so as not to draw attention.

And as dawn broke over Appaloosa Plains, she phoned a cab…

to meet her at the edge of town. She made sure to use an out of cab company. Changing cabs often…

never telling any of the cabby’s her real destination. Till she finally arrived….

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