A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-1

Chapter 6-1

We start off saying a final goodbye to some much loved Sims, we will miss them all.

Amy Hoppcraft-Greenleaf. You came to us from an alternate universe, after much heartache. Here you found love and lived happily until the military pocked their collective noses where it did not belong.

You were a cat loving, light sleeper that was easily impressed with a real dose of evil and mean spirited when you arrive. We all know it was mainly due to the bad experience you had in the alternate universe. Here you have the love of your love change you into a Shy, clumsy excitable bot-fan with a green thumb. May you rest in piece.

Next we have our cowboy and jockey, Micheal Greenleaf. You can to Appaloosa Plains after a tragic crime was committed. You needed a fresh start. On your ranch you know many years of happiness. raising your son. Later marrying your love and raise two more children. As a Neat, athletic daredevil that loved his horses and the out doors. Use became one of the world best known jockeys, and a horseman supreme. We will love you and miss you, rest in piece dear friend.

Then we have a young man, more boy then man. Not even 14 years of age. But he loved his family, and was will to give his all to keep one little precious baby girl save. Your bravery and friendliness will be miss child. Rest in piece Leon II Greenleaf.

Last we say a fond farewell to the father of the little girl everyone gave their lives to save. Marius Greenleaf, your fought mummies and explored multiple tomb, none of them held as much danger too you and yours, as the military of Appaloosa Plains. You capture everything you came across on your camera, but the night things all went south, you did not think to snap even one picture. Too show the world what was going on, no more important to you was saving one little girl. We will miss your neat, easily impress, athletic outdoor loving adventurous spirit. Rest in piece dear man for…

Many many miles away, Rose II was getting away from Appaloosa Plains. Changing cabs every other town, changing the directing she traveled in.

At the bottom of the bag Marius packed that night Rose found $48000 worth of gems. Enough to start up someplace else.

So she settled for Hidden Spring. As small reclusive community. Buying a small cabin, near the edge of town.

As Marius never got a change to name his little girl, Rose had to pick a name, for the child could not forever be called little girl. So she named her Galandiel, meaning Strength to carry on, in the elven tongue.

Rose set up the house, using some more things she found in the bag. A jade dragon statue…

She had the negatives at the bottom of the bag develop, to find it was pictures of old family photo’s including her own parents and brother, and…

even pictures of Alsysia and Marius. Tear filled her eyes as she hang them in the house.

The last things she pulled out of the bag, was the books Marius wrote his notes in and the 3 map pieces. Rolled up neatly.

As a teen Rose know, there would be trouble should she not attend school. She did not want to draw attention to her and Galandriel. So early one morning before the school year was to start. She set off too the City Hall too…

Register herself as home schooled. For there was no way she was leaving Galandriel with a stranger.

Galandriel went every where she did. Never was the girl out of her site, but for when she was in her crib in her room.

At not even 14 Rose did her best to be a good mommy for Galandriel.

But it was hard, she still needed to make sure to download

and do her assignments on time. To keep the social services off her case.

To top that cooking was a straggle in the beginning but

as that first year proceed, she did get better.

The relationship between her and Galandriel also grew closer as time went by.

Being raised on a ranch, Rose believed that Galandriel must get fresh air often. So she would take her to a small park, close to her house or

just sit with Galandriel on the veranda.

On good thing with the passing of time, and Galandriel now being almost a year, was that the amount of midnight feeding was getting less. Meaning Rose got a bit more sleep.

That was, until one day it was Galandriel’s birthday. A year had came and gone since she was born in so much turmoil.

Galandriel grew up into a girl that, truly carried on the family. She hair her granddaddy’s hair, her grandma’s and daddy’s eyes, and her mommy’s wings shape and color.

The toddler needed more of Rose’s time every day.

Rose had to teach her to walk, not that Galandriel was very interested in it.

Galandriel did like to try and say all kind of word, even if sometime that came out very close to swear words.

And of cause Rose also had to teach her to use the dreaded potty.

Luckily Galandriel was a quite child and she would happily play with her toy while Rose did her assignments.

But most days during Galandriel’s toddler years. All that kept Rose going was…

elixirs, she found in the bottom of the bag and received in her mail.

Still Rose mad sure to take care of Galandriel to the best of her 15 year old abilities.

By the age of two, Galandriel was able to talk up a stream. She was not a quite little girl any more. She would let Rose know what she want, when she wanted it. And that was most time immediately  .

Being lazy and not learning the potty skill as fast as Rose would like. Rose often had to bath the girl twice at night, after she would mess herself.

But just after her 3rd birthday, Rose got Galandriel to go potty in the potty. And not in her diper anymore. That was a great releave for Rose.

However the little princess, was to good to learn to walk. She loved being carried around. Rose was almost in tears when…

she tried to convince the girl to just co-operate and try to learn.

At the age of four, Rose won the battle. Galandriel would walk and not just sit and yelled to be carried somewhere, crawly was beneath this one. 

So to treat her and to show her that co-operation bring rewards. Rose bought her a little dollhouse, with some of the little money they had left.

When Galandriel turned five. Rose started using the dolls in the dollhouse, to tell Galandriel the story of their family. She know the little girl would not understand all, but hope that as she get older. She would understand what sacrifices was made to keep her save.

With the money running low, and having more free time on her hand. Now that Galandriel was more independent, Rose planted a small garden next to the house.

Every Spring day for the last 4 year, Rose received an invite to the local festival. She had always declined until this year. With Galandriel a bit bigger, she needed to see another face. So see set off to the festival ground.

But just as she put Galandriel down, a women in military clothing came towards her. She made to grab Galandriel, looking around frantically for and escape route.

But the women stopped her, asking why she was scared. Was there someone here that scare her. If so she should tell her, the women would go sort however it was out for the girl.

As Rose began to tell her, her story. The military lady invited Rose to join her and her friend on a picnic blanket.

The further Rose got into her tale, the more unset the group became. What was done to the Abbott’s and Greenleaf’s was unacceptable.

When the military women said, she is going to that this to her boss, Brigadier-general Greenleaf. Rose said, she wonder if he may be a relative of hers. For many many years ago, her great grandfather many times over, had left Hidden Springs with his love. Looking for Draconus Vallis.

Shocked the group looked at her. The paramedic Julia Earthogs, had known Legalos. As an elf herself, she was like all elf’s immortal. She still remember Legalos and Andrea. In fact she was good friend with his parents, Brigadier-general Thrunduil and his wife.

Julia offered to watch Galandriel so that the teen could just get some time for herself.

Very reluctantly Rose set of, never going too far. Having Galandriel in the comer of her eye at all times. She first went Easter egg hunting and then…

she played some catch with Monia, the lady that was in the military.

Later as they were all getting ready to leave, Julia offered to intrudes Rose and Galandriel to the Greenleaf’s.

Excited Rose agree, Julia said she will call her the next day, after she set up the appointment.

Later at home, after settling down, Rose was scared, will they accept them? Will they even want to see them?


Nancy send something else. Something Davis will appreciate in a couple of generations.

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