A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-2

Chapter 6-2

Rose was sitting worrying. For tomorrow, she was to meet the Greenleaf’s. The parents of her long lost ancestor. Will they be accepted. After all she had to go through in the last couple of years, this was not real surprise.

Rose made sure she and Galandriel, was at the house on time. She badly wanted to make a good impression on these people, for they were most possibly her only family left in this universe. Adrianna Greenleaf, met her outside the house.

After inviting the girls in, Adrianna sat them in the living room. Keeping up the chat, getting to know Rose until…

Thranduil returned from work.

Thranduil ask Rose to please leave Galandriel, in the care of Adrianna for a moment and come with him. Outside he ask her to tell him every thing she know of the happenings in Appaloosa Plains. To try and remember everything her parents and brother had told her. Everything she may have overheard. For this will be very important, if they are to found out what happened. For they need to stop this from ever happening too another family. So Rose told all she know, tear running down her face, as she told of the last time she saw her parents and brothers.

As the year proceeded Rose and Galandriel, become regular visitors at the Greenleaf’s house.

Thranduil even ask Rose if she and Galandriel would like to move in, but Rose had gotten use to running her own house hold. At 17 she was not keen on having Adults looking over her shoulder. So she respectfully declined. Hoping that Galandriel, would not one day hold that against her.

Time suddenly seemed to fly, Rose was attending regular school, with Adrianna looking after Galandriel in the morning, on Thrandiul’s insistence. Before Rose even realized it was time for Galandriel’s six birthday

Thrandiul begged to through a party for the little girl, and Rose agreed. Thranduil was so excited he booked the whole Varge Pud for the occasion. Inviting more then half the town.

Galandriel grew up surrounded by a town that loved her dearly.

Great Gandpa and Great Grandma, many times over, treated her like a little princess, spoiling her rotten.

Grandpa would drop a conversation with another adult in a heartbeat,, to give Galandriel attention. But then so did anyone else in town, not only from Galandriel but for Rose too. The whole town know what the girls had to go through.

So by the time the girls returned from the party, they were both ready to fall over and sleep. Thou the party was a major success.

The next day, a fairy bungalow was off loaded at their house. A give from Thranduil too Galandriel.

As the months pass, Galandriel started looking through the old note books, and papers. She discovered it was written by her daddy.

With Galandriel, now older and mostly independent. Rose spend most of her free time in her garden. This was her only way of supporting her and Galandriel now. She did not want to take money from Thranduil, even if he insist on it ever time they saw each other.

Rose always insist that she and Galandriel at least eat one meal together per day.

That was if Galandriel was home. With her now found freedom, and every one in town looking out for her. Galandriel was forever out and about. Dancing at the local festivals was one of her favorite pass times.

For she could quickly fly there, when ever she wanted too, she still disliked walking.

When she was home, see could be found reading or playing in her fairy bungalow.

Only coming out of her books or bungalow, when Rose calls for dinner.

Galandriel was making fast progress through her daddy’s papers and the old books. She even found Andrea’s old book.

Then one night Thranduil stopped by.

After Rose invited him in, he first made sure Galandriel was asleep. Before sitting Rose down to inform her about the progress that was made with the Appaloosa Plains government.

When Rose asked what how this will affect her and Galandriel’s future. Thrandiul promise that nothing will happen to them. For they had not disclosed the where abouts of Rose or Galandriel.

Thranduil told Rose that the nations of Simarth have all agreed to implement strong sanctions against Appaloosa Plains. Also the Brigadier-general and his brother as up in the United Nations courts for crimes committed against both the Greenleaf’s and Abbott’s.

Rose express her sadness, that her parents and Marius were not able to get a hold of one of the outside nations. Then she may still have had her family. Thranduil

said that he too wished for that, but had that happened he would not have been so fortunate as too ever meet the girls.

In the end they just hold each other close. They were family and Thranduil always reassure rose that he and Adrianna will be there for her and Galandriel no matter what.

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