A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-3

Chapter 6-3Last time Thranduil promises to always protect the girls.

Holding Rose close before he leaves.

Days turn to months and summer was here. Galandriel would through parties in her little fairy bungalow,

and Rose would dance, loosing time. Sometimes she ends up dancing the day away.

But Galandriel did not only party she also got Rose interested in the old books.

On nice summer days the girls would play chess under the trees or

go swimming in the ocean. Just enjoying live the way kids are suppose to.

Just before the school term was bout to start. Rose realize she was not earning enough from the garden,

so she got a job at the local bookshop.

Still she always somehow had time and energy to read bedtime stories too Galandriel.

Even having sleep overs in her bed, meaning Rose hardly got any sleep with Galandriel’s kicking.

As the new school term start an 19 year old Rose had to go back to normal school. She lost to much time

homeschooling. Now she was older then the rest of her class. Rose would be 20 the end of the year, if

she pass.

Getting home after work, Rose made a point to help Galandriel with her homework and

then do her own while Galandriel ate.

Against Rose’s wishes, granddaddy Thranduil bought Galandriel a training broom. When he notice she was

able to use one at the shop.

Galandriel was not just a little spoiled princess, thou nobody better tell Thranduil that. He would fight you

on it. She was a little bookworm. When she had read most of Marius’s notes. She started reading and

adding to his computer notes.

On the full moon the little Fae, would break all the house rules.

And sleep in her fairy bungalow. She needed the moonlight, more then she was able to explain too


The year past rather quickly, and before Rose could believe it. The school year was over and her

twentieth birthday was here. Julia entertained all the guest at the party with her ghost stories.

Adrianna also announce her pregnancy too Rose. Rose was so happy for them. They did not have any

other children the Legalos.

While Rose talk to the other guest, including a boy she had a crash on. Galandriel ignored the boy that

Rose invited as a playmate for Galandriel. Galadriel rather would have her great granddaddy’s attention. 

Soon it was time to cut the cake, a cake specially baked by Adrianna for Rose.

Rose grew into a young adult with only one wish…

to be an international super spy. Too root out people like the Brigadier-General.

As everyone sat down to some cake. Thranduil was already making plans too see this dream of rose

came true.

As Adrienna and Rose chatted after the party. Galandriel got her grandpa to help her with her homework.

Rose was so happy with the possibility of another family member, she kept touching Adrianna tummy.

Making Adrianna laugh.

When everyone had left, Thranduil call Rose to come get her presents. His could not choose what to

give her. The new series Pegasus broom had just came out, but

so did the new Ford Fiesta. What was he suppose to give her. So as he could not decide he settled for


On graduation day, Rose may not have been valedictorian like all her family before her, but she did

pass with good grade. However her class mates voted her most likely to burn down her house, she

just laugh them off

Galandriel sat reading op the veranda as Thranduil talked with Rose….


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