A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-4

Chapter 6-4

Last time Galandriel was told to wait outside…

As Great Granddaddy, had a talk with Rose. A very stubborn Rose it turn out to be.

The more Thranduil tried to convince the girl, that going to University would only help her in her future work…

The more she kicked against it. Coming up with more things as too why she could not attend. Like Galandriel…

That one was easily solved as Thranduil and Adrianna would look after her for the four year. When Rose return, Galandriel. Will almost be a teen. So she can then decided to move back or stay.

Thranduil at the end had to play the guilt card. Does Rose want Galandriel to always feel she was the reason her cousin could not achieve her dreams. Will Rose have Galandriel live with that?

So in the end Rose hugged her great, many time over, granddad and accepted his offer to pay for school.

The next day, Thranduil had application forms dropped at the house. Rose immediately sent out to fill them in, before returning them by mail.

After a good nights rest…

She received her results in the mail. She scored 400 out of 400 in her chosen field.

The study help she received, actually left her with $400. So granddad only had to pay for the housing.

After a treatfull goodbuy, Rose

was on her way to university. She would not return for four years.

Thranduil went all out with the housing. Renting Rose her own place,

furnish in her favorite color, with all the type off furniture she loved.

Later at the meet and greet…

Rose pocket a candy bar and Diet Soda, of a student never know when she may need it.

Before setting out to meet the other students.

She was surprise to see how may supernatural people was at this university. Loads of witches like her and even

her new best buddy, a werewolf. She kept following him all over the place.

Spending most of the day with him.

As time pass she picked up kickbag playing after class, when not

hanging out with new people.

When there was no one else around she would play with herself.

Sometime ending up almost late for class, and having to run for it.

She did form study groups at her house, with some of her classmates, or

other times, her class would get together and take over the front of the local comic shop.

One full moon night, she witness the werewolves transfer for the first time.

It was a horrible thing to witness, and Rose promptly passed out.

But that did not stop her from hunting down Wesley, even on a full moon.

She always liked hanging with him. No matter what he looks like, she was seriously crashing on the boy. Had even phoned her high school boyfriend and broken things off.

Wesley was not only her crash, but

she used him as guinea pig in her charms.

Rose never left Wesley alone for lone. Where ever he went, she would pitch up…

She convincing skills grew, and she started to have a easier time getting him to dance with her.

Followed soon by some hugging. If only…

she realize he was quite happy to hug her, and would hold of for just a couple on seconds longer then needed.

Went she notice Wesley pass her house, she would rush out to greet him. No matter if she was still in her unmentionables. 

One night she decided to go fir it, grabbing Wesley and pulling him is…

but he had no plans to get her go after that move.

And pretty soon the two were dating.

Sometimes the dates go on so late, that Rose had to catch up on her sleep in class.

One night while at a party…

Wesley had a bit to much ‘juice’ and streaked.

Liking what she saw, Rose quickly dragged him off to one of the bedroom…

And let him make a women of her.

They truly did love each other, and could not stay apart.

Then the day of the final exams arrive. Rose was lucky and made it into the class. Because just after she got in, the doors was closed, and have the class was left outside.

Rose know she pass the tests with flying colors.

So too treat herself, she go a large piece of Key Lime Pie.

That night, knowing it will be her last on campus. Rose made a lovely home cooked meal before

inviting Wesley over.

After they had a nice meal together…

Rose ask Wesley if they could go out steady. She needed to know where their relationship was going. Would he be her boyfriend?

When he said yes, she was so happy she literally jumped him.

Soon after that things got hot and

ended with Wesley staying the night.

Her grades was delivered at her house the next morning. Granddad Thranduil would be very proud of her grades, just as proud as Rose herself was.

Wesley was so happy for her, he even dip kissed her.

Sadly there were a flood at the station, and no gradustion ceremony was held. So

Rose returned to Hidden Spring, where she received her diploma.

As Rose unpack, she came across, a gnome that hitch hiked along. How he got in between her belongings she did not know.

After unpacking, Rose uploaded her resume. Immediately

she was offered the job as a Patrol Officer in the police force. They had been looking for a qualified person of ages. So Rose was luck and started on level 4.

Happy with the job she got, Rose set off to greet her grandparents, and hear what Galandriel’s plans was.

She also met her great uncle for the first time. Sadly she only found out then that Adrianna had lost the previous baby, Oropher was born only four months ago.

After all the years away Rose was very happy to see the family again.

Giving her great granddad a very thigh hug, for if not for him. She would never had gone to university. She would never have met Wesley.

She also thanked them for looking after Galandriel for the past four year. Then she ask if they know what Galandriel’s plans were. She was happy to learn, Galandriel was looking forward too move back in with her.

Before leaving with Galandriel’s belongings, she got a chance to hold the little one.

Rose had only hear good things of Galandriel. It would seem that this year was the 3rd year in a roll that Galandriel was on the honor roll.

And Galandriel had even already decided what she want to do in life.

Went Galandriel returned from school that day, the cousins hugged as tears run down both their cheeks. They had missed each other tremendously.

Not long after Rose returned, it was time for Galandriel’s 13th birthday.

Thranduil brought his granddaughter favorite, Cinnamon Rolls.

While Julia brought deep fried fritters, always a favorite at her parties.

It surprise no one when Galandriel made a bee line for the cinnamon rolls.

Before starting a pillow war with Rex.

But all to soon, the playing had to stop. For it was time for the big event. Galandriel was called to blow out the candles.

And one sparkling fairy grew

into a teen that…

was one stunning girl. This bothered Thranduil quite a lot, specially now that the girl was out from under his roof.

For her birthday, Galandriel received the top of the range Pegasus broom, only released the day before, not even available in shops yet.

As the party slows down, Galandriel went to pester Adriaana again. Turns out she had done this often, specially when Adriaana was a bit down.

As time pass, Rose started missing Wesley a great deal. So she penned him a love letter.

In the letter she received back, he told her he missed her too. Wanting too she her so badly, Rose feeling the same. Invited him for a visit.

All the while Galandriel had gotten herself a job as painter.

When Wesley arrived a week later, for it was the only flight he could get out of Midnight Hollows. Rose was so excited to see him….

she blurted out, “Please would you move in. You have too, I can’t be without you.”

So Wesley moved in. Living together, did not go down well with Thranduil. He will be making plans soon, that is for sure. But in the intern, Wesley, who wanted to be a DNA specialist.

Got himself a job at the police station. But all Rose’s hunting. Had him late or missing most classes. So he barely made a C average at university. Thus he had to start at the bottom of the chain.


Shafer sent a potion, that will be held for protection if even someone mess with the family again.

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