A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-5

Chapter 6-5

Last time Wesley move in, and only getting a C at Uni due to Rose hunting him all the time. Causing him to be late for class, he only manage a entrance level snitch work at the police station.

202. So Wes got himself a job starting at the bottom

On return from his snitching jobs, Rose would question him on his snitch work.  Then…

203. Rose quetion Wes about some of his snitch work

She quickly send his report on the snitch activities in for her supervisor to go over. This way the changes of Wesley getting caught was minimal.

204. Then wrote a report on his snitch findings

Rose and Wesley was not the only ones working hard. Galandriel was promoted in her painting career to level 2.

205. Gal soon got a promotion to level 2

As time pass, Rose even had to question here best friend. Julia who was the first friendly face back after moving to Hidden Springs. She was also the person how help Rose making contact with her great great many times over grandfather Thurduil.

206. Later she had to qeustion her friend Julia

As Rose wrote her report on Julia, Galandriel did her homework. Galandriel was a hard working student, that did not have many friend.

207. Rose wrote up the report on Julia, Gal did her homework

Most of Galandriel’s time was spend writing up all the information on Draconis Vallis, a book titles – Draconis Vallis – Andrea and Legalos Greanleaf- that was at the bottom of and old bag and in the corner of the living room. It included all the things Marius had long ago learned on his world travels.

208. Gal continued with her wriitings on DV

Wesley was so stressed from his snitched work, he would transform the moment he step into the house. The girls got quite use to it, and it did not bother them any more.

209. wes like to transfer into a werewolf all the timeAfter her interview with Julia, Rose was send to interview her great great grandmother Adrianna. To her shock Rose found Adrianna heavily pregnant again. It was clear that Thurduil and Adrianna was getting over the lost of Legalos all those year ago by now having as many kids as they can.

210. Rose was send to interview Adrianna preg again

A Year after starting her first book Galandriel finished it. The first draft she send in was remarkably accepted without any rewriting. Soon it was available on the bookshelves. Selling fast.

211. Gal conplete the first work on DV

After the book was published, Thurduil requested that Galandriel get to know Rex. A boy introduces to her as child. Thurduil had plans and only time will tell if Galandriel will go along with it. But for now not having friends, she used this opportunity got make at least one.

212. But she made sure get

Remarkable while they did play some games together as kids, usually when they were the only kids at parties. The did get along a lot better as teens.

213. To know Rex on her great granddads request

All to soon little Galandriel had her first crash. Even though Rex would hug her, he never let any of his feeling show. Would her heart get broken in future??

214. She like him a lot

Months of dating and spending time together. Lead to Galandriel getting her first kiss. Making for one happy fairy.

215. And she got her first kiss.Heck he even agreed to accompany her to the junior prom.

216. He even agree to go to the prom with herLife was good to the Greenleafs. Rose and Wesley even both got promotions on the same day. Rose was now level 5 and Wesley level 2.

217. Double promotions Rose (5) and Wes (2)

Time fly and Galandriel, even though she did spend time with Rex. Started her second book on Draconis Vallis titled – Draconis Vallis, Sunshine and the pirate Jack. Some of the information in this book was shocking, and hard for Galandriel to put into words. Tears often run down her cheeks as she wrote.

218. And soon Gal started on the second book. So much info

Galandriel heard about a new game, called the Sims 4 that was due to come out. So in memory of the previous games she painted Bella and Casandra Goth.

219. Gal painted Bella & Casandra Goth

Fall was on them again, and after the last year, when leaves piled waist high and snakes became residents on their lot. Rose took it upon her to clean away the leafs daily.

220. While Rose raked the leaves at night

With her painting of Bella&Casandra and some another.

221. The next day Gal went to

Galandriel set of to the consignment store. Hoping it would sell.

222. Consign her paintings

The price she was offered was not much, but it was better then she would have gotten trying to sell it herself.

223. Even if it was only 2 paintings

While at the consignment store Galandriel found a book on Martial Arts. Thinking this would make a great present for Rose, she bought it.

224. Gal also found a Martial art book as a gift for Rose

Then it was the night of the junior prom. Galandriel got dressed and felling a bit worried about what everyone else would think of her flower dress set if to the prom…

225. Soon it was time for the senior prom

On the way in the limo she received a text. Her painting sold at an above average price. Even earning her a promotion to level 3. A good start to her prom night.

226. And just before the prom start Gal level 3 promotion

The prom was great, Rex even ask her to go steady. She did have a crash on him, but he even gave away how he felt. So she was a bit stunt to say the least, but said yes. They were now an official couple. There was also another surprise for Galandriel.

227. And her date Rex ask her to go steady

She was named Prom Queen. For someone how did not have friends, it was a bit of a shock. She never thought she would be prom queen. Never even dreamed of it. Rex however never doubted that she would be. He was more then willing to congratulate her with a kiss, that lasted a very long time.

228. They stole a kiss, and Gal was voted Prom Queen

Back home Rose and Wesley was spending quality time together. It was the first night since Wesley moved in that it was just the two of them home.

229. And the engage couple back home got some alone time

Returning home from the prom, Galandriel placed the pictures taken from her and her crown in her room on display. (For some reason the game generated 2 pictures with different background settings)

230. Gal got to pics taken at prom

Soon after the prom, Rose got promoted to the special Agent branch. The martial arts book Galandriel gave her, paid off.

231. Rose got promoted and entered the special branch

Making her a Vice Cop (Level 6), but she was not the only one to get a promotion…

(It is clear how much of Rose Hoppcraft – from Piazzagirl – she has in her with her hair up like this)

232. She is now level 6 Vice Squad

Wesley also got a promotion to level 3, a Traffic Cop. It became clear to them that the department did not want to promote one without promoting the other.

233. While Wes became a trafic cop level 3

To celebrate Galandriel getting a boyfriend and Rose getting into her preferred branch. Which will help her doing the one thing she had always wanted to do – protecting supernatural creatures – the girls when out to dinner. Just the two of them.

234. Rose & Gal spend some girl time alone

Then one day Rose was sent to investigate a teen gang that sprung up over night in Hidden Springs. This was not something that had ever happened in this small town before. The teen all played the innocent card. Making it hard for Rose to get the information she needed, to get behind this sudden gang activity in Hidden Springs.

235. Then one day, Rose was sent to invest a teen gang.

Life goes on, and while Rose was spending day in and day out trying to find out what was happening it Hidden Springs with the teens. Galandriel finished a heart breaking book, regarding Sunshine and all that had happen to her.

236. Pretty soon Gal had her second book done

Three years had pass since Wesley had moved in with Rose and Galandriel. So one night as the couple spend some romantic time together …

237. Rose and Wesley was still going strong

He went on one knee and….

238. Things was so good, Wesley

pulling a jewelry box from under the couch. Ask Rose the big question.

239. Even propose marraige to RoseThere was never a change that Rose would not say yes. She was so happy…

240. She said yes before

That she attacked him, knocking the wind out of him.

241. Attacking him. Hugging the wind out of him.


The family have quite the collection of gnomes, and they are driving me nuts. I actually sold some.

242. They also have a lovely collection of Gnomes

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5 Responses to A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-5

  1. Piazzagirl says:

    Oh how I missed your updates so much its great to have them back!

    Gal is so pretty and I can’t wait to read the rest of her story. Loved the proposal and can’t wait for the wedding. I remember you telling me how she picked him right out, when two sims have that much attraction you have to go with it. Its very rare that happens and it only happened to me once and that happened to be Rose and Chris believe it or not.

    Can’t wait for the next update and it really is great to have this story back, hoping they can find Draconis Valley again some day.

  2. Remind me again which is the heir? The young girl right? Things are moving right along for the fam. I don’t think I ever bother to actually name books my Sims write so it’s pretty cool that yours are actually getting booms about draconis villas.

  3. jazen says:

    Aww…the girls are doing well. G got herself a cute boyfriend and congrats on being prom queen. She’s making great headway in her career it looks like and she has a very good head on her shoulders. Rose did an amazing job raising her. She should be very proud.

  4. Aww, Rose 2 and her little Niece are doing well. I am glad to see Wesley and Rose engaged! And congrats to Galandriel making prom queen as well is getting a new boyfriend can’t wait to see where that relationship leads. Can’t wait for the next installment.

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