A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-6

Chapter 6-6

Last we left off with Rose and Wesley getting engage. That same night Galandriel also got herself a promotion to level 3

243. Gal also got a promotion Now level 3

The next day after Wesley asked Rose to marry him. They went to inform Thurduil of the news. Wesley was the one that draw the short straw and had to tell him.

244. Wes draw the short straw to the Thurduil

But too every ones surprise. Thurduil was very grad. He had been better and unhappy about them living together for the past 3 years, specially with a teen girl living with them.

245. About the engagement

He gladly congratulated Wesley on the engagement before…

246. Luckily T waas happy they plan to get married

Proceeding to congratulate Rose. He was so happy for the young couple.

247. For he did not like them living together

Meanwhile back home Galandriel started her 3rd book – Draconus Vallis: William (Bill) Greenleaf and Jade Racket. The further along in the story she got the more upset she got. Specially when she started the chapters on Shark and Tonya.

248. As the wed got closer. G start book 3 William (Bill) & Jade

Time fly when Sims are happy and soon it was the morning of the wedding. The wedding was planned for the late afternoon. So Rose had a very relaxing bath before getting dressed.

249. All to soon wedding day. R start day relaxing bath

Having her hair done, was a pain, but she wanted to look sophisticated for her wedding.

250. Everyone got dressed, Rose had her hair done

Even her bridesmaid, Galandriel, had to sit through pines and curlers. Getting her hair do just the way Rose wanted it to be.

251. As did Gal, who were the bridesmaid

Luckily for Wesley, rose loved his hair the way it was, he only had to get into his tuxedo.

252. While Wesley dusted of his tuxedo

The afternoon the wedding planner made sure that everything for the wedding was set up to Rose and Thurduil’s, how was paying, standards.

253.Afternoon was spend making sure the venue was rightAs the groom, Wesley was responsible for the bar tab. So he arrived first to set it up with the bartender. Not wanting anything to go wrong. But he had something that was worrying him, he just not want to upset Rose about it just yet. He will just hope for the best as the night fall upon the wedding…

254. Arriving first Wesley opened up a tab at the bar.The first guest to arrive was Rex. He could not wait to see Galandriel.

255. The first gueest to arrive was RexPretty soon all the guest had arrived, and was mingling before the ceremony commence.

256. But pretty soon all the guest had arrived and ...

As ring-bearer, Rose and used her great great great uncle Oropher.

257. With Orpher as ringbearerAs the sun set, the couple met below the wedding arch…

258. The coupleTo promise eternal love to each other and

259. Said their vows and


260. Exchange

wedding rings.

261. The rings

Before sealing it with a kiss.

262. Before sealing the deal with a kissThe wedding brought different emotions from the attendees.

263. The guest had different emotions about this wedding

While Adrianna found it lovely and romantic. Thurduil spend most of the wedding in tears.

264. While Adriaana thought it romantic, Thurduil criedRex on the other hand, found it so romantic, all he could think of was his girlfriend. Who just so happen to be in the row in-front of him.

265. On the oppisite side of the ilse Rex only had eyes for Gal

With the formal ceremony done, it was time to cut the cake. As this part came around. Wesley got more and more stressed. He did not want to ruin Rose’s day, but…

266. Soon as the cake were cut

Just as she turned around to sit. It happened. There was no way he could hold it off any longer.

267. Wesley....

For Rose had planned the wedding on the night of the full moon. Living with Wesley, they were so use to his turning. It did not even register with Rose that a full moon, Elven wedding, might not be the best idea. When your groom to be is a werewolf.

268. Transformed into a werewolf.His transformation was a shock to many of the guests how promptly passed out.

270. Boo'd them

The only person there to think it funny was Thurduil. Who could not stop laughing – I actually had to reset him, he kept on laughing for 2 hours – while Adrianna booed them for ruining the wedding.

269. For Rose II forgot not to plan the wedding on a fullmoon. Guests past out, T laughted and Adrianna

Being a werewolf, Wesley also cause some raised eyebrows. For he showed just how bad his manners as a wolf can be, by licking the icing of the piece of wedding cake Rose gave him.

271. Being a wereeolf, Wesley left his manners at home.

After every one had a piece of cake. Rex helped himself to some of the liquor at the bar, before convincing Galandriel to join him outside.

272. After cake, Rex and Gal slipt outside for some alone time.

After almost freezing outside, Galandriel returned inside almost an hour later. Now it was just close family still at the wedding. So they used the time to catch up with one another.

273. Before the family started catching up with each other.Rose even used this time to get to know Oropher better. And told him and..

274. Rose even told Oropher

Galandriel a ghost story.

275. and Galandirel a ghost story

By the time the last of the wedding guest left and the newly weds returned home, it was just before  two the next morning.

276. Just before 2am when the newly weds made it home.

But that did not mean that the newly weds

277. They retired to bed too

Could not consummate their marriage.

278. Celebrate the union

The first couple of months after the wedding, Galandriel started to show some rather disturbing behavior. She was suddenly setting up pranks all over the house. Something she never did in the past.

279. Shortly after the wedding Gal started acting up, setting traps

But something awesome also happened. One night while searching the sky. Wesley found a new star, and he named it after his wife, The Rose II Greenleaf star.

280. While Wesley found a star and named it after Rose


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4 Responses to A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-6

  1. Piazzagirl says:

    Very beautiful wedding and I am so happy that Thurduil came around and gave the two his blessing. I usually turn the full moon off before parties for that very reason unless you planned on him transforming as part of the story. Its easier to plan that for a party when you have only one wolf and not entire room full of werewolves, so I have no choice.

    I see Gal is up to the Leon and Tonya years and I’m wondering how she will take it when she comes around to her father and that last night in Appaloosa Plains.

    Loved the update and can’t wait for the next one

    • sonet104 says:

      Actually i totally forgot about the full moon. As Wesley is almost always in werewolf form. I have to actually have him turn back to human form, when ever I want to take a pic.

      The plan is to have her write her dads tale as an YA, as a toddler and very young child Rose did tell her some things. Also remember she will not have all the information in the notes, as Rose never updated Marius’s notes.

      But I do plan on having Rose and Thurduil around and having long chats with her when it came time for that chapter in the story. For now the teen will have to learn some more bad things from the families pass. First Sunshine’s rape and then Shark killing little Tonya. And to thinks after that she will learn that some family members committed suicide and another murder.

  2. jazen says:

    LOL Wesley. He tried to hold off but the call of the moon was too much. I loved the wedding! Rose made a very beautiful bride and Wesley a handsome groom. I wonder if there will be a new addition to the family soon.

    And Gal is reaching rebellion age it looks like with the pranks.

  3. Beautiful wedding! Well atleast Wesley tried to hold off the beast but the full moon was to much. Maybe Galandriel is channeling William’s spirit with the pranks? lol.. or maybe it’s teenage hormones. Excellent chapter can’t wait for the next.

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