A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-7

Chapter 6-7

After Rose’s wedding Galandriel started acting up. Her new found love for setting traps.

281. G's new love for setting traps

Had cause many an embarrassing moment for the newly weds.

282. Has cause many an embarising moment

And there was just no stop to her and her trickery. She became worst then her great-great grandpa, William.

283. Gal was not always in human form when she set her trapsBut at least she did not always set traps. As the years pass. She took up her writing again. Completing her 3rd book, a best seller. Compared to THE GOLDEN HOUR.

284. But G also completed her 3rd book

She spend time getting to know Wesley better, now that he was offically part of the family.

285. Wesley had a sat down with G, while playing chessYears that he lived with them, had see a slow friendship forming. But after Galandriel calmed down. She and Wesley would spend hours just battling each other in chess.

286. To try and get behind the reason of her acting out.While Rose worked hard, still trying to solve the youth gang case. She was out all hours of the night following up on leads.

287. Rose's career, Teen gang evidance breakthroughAnd in the end it did pay off. After almost 4 years since she first started. She cracked the case. Earning herself a promotion, to level 7.

288. At least it did pay off and she was promoted to level 7With time passing. Galandriel completed two new paintings, that she took to the consignment store too sell.

289. Gal also consign two paintings.

The did sell, even earning her a promotion to level 4. Galandriel was slowly moving up in the painting career, even as a prankster teen.

290. Gal earned a promotion to level 4

Things did not stand still for the rest of the family. With the youth gang case cracked. Rose work to get behind the Adults, that was responsible for pressing the youth into the gang.

291. While Rose had to question Jimmy re smuggling

While Thurduil and Adrianna, expanded their little family, with the birth of their second daughter, Krista.

292. Thurduil and Adrianna had another girl Krista

It was around the time, Lynn, started school and

293. Just as Lynn

Oropher II was starting high school. Oropher, turned out to be a carbon copy of their first son Legalos. 🙂

294. And Oropher grew older

The winter before Galandriel’s 18th birthday. The family made sure to spend as much time together as possible.

295. The winter before Galandriel turned 18

Rose even made very sure that they take a new family picture.

296. Rose made sure to take a family pic

And to make it more special. Galandriel received another promotion. She is now have way in her job, and will soon become an Young Adult. Life was looking very promising for this young lady.

297. Galandriel also got another promotion Now she is level 5

Rose and Wesley, was now married for almost two years. Both of them were starting to think about children of their own.

298. 2 years married Rose and Wesley both  wanted kids

With Galandriel’s birthday closing in on them. Wesley was overjoyed when he received a promotion to Patrol Officer (Level 4)

299. On the day of Gal 18th bday, Wesley got promoted to lv 4

Then the day arrived. Rose organize a party for Galandriel.

300. As Rose organize a party

While the same young lady, Galandriel, finished a rather shocking picture, she sneaked of Wesley and Roe. At least Rose was already clothed.

301. Gal completed a rather shocking painting

The party was mostly family and close friends.

302. That afternoon the guests started arriving

The only family member not in attendance was the very young Krista, whom had just celebrated her 1st birthday herself.

303. Mostly just family

Even with just family and very close friend. The house was full.

304. and close friends

While at the party Rose pulled Thurduil to the side. She had some news of her own.

305. Rose took this oppertunity too

She had just found out that she was 9 weeks pregnant with her first child.

306. Anounce that she was pregant

Thurduil was so excited by this news. He could not stop grinning for the rest of the night.

307. To Thurduil's happiness

While her boss, who had overheard, was furious. He was about to loose one of his best, to maternity. Even if it was only temporary, she was working a very important case.

308. And her bosses disapointment

Despite her boss throwing a tantrum in the middle of the party. The party was a blase, an epic. And Galandriel….

309. Soon everyone gathered around for the bday - epic

grew into a beautiful young lady.

310. Gal grew into a good looking young lady.

Wesley was starting to hate Rose and her party plans. For ones again she through the party on the night of the full moon. He lost his battle with the moon, in the privacy of the bathroom.

311. But Wesley ones again had to contest with the full moon

After the party goers have all left. Thurduil called Wesley and

312. After everyone left the party T

Rose a side for a chat.

313. had a long descussion with R & W

Wesley was not very happy, but as Rose was overjoyed, he decided it would be best to just go along.

314. Th house was to small, Gal dad money so he

And so Wesley and Rose soon moved into a house of their own, bought and paid for by Thurduil. As Thurduil though it would only be right if they gave the old house to Galandriel, seeing as it was her fathers money that paid for it. It was to small for them and their growing family in any case, or so Thurduil thought.

315. Bought them a new house

The new house was a large two bedroom with potential to expand.

316. Big enough for there expanding family


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3 Responses to A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-7

  1. jazen says:

    Congrats to Rose and Wesley on the promotions and the new baby! Can’t wait to see what they have.
    Gal is a very pretty young girl. I can’t believe Thurduil would want to have her living on her own at such a young age. Either way the new house looks lovely and has plenty of room for growth!

  2. Piazzagirl says:

    Congrats to Rose and Wesley on the baby and here is a question I have had to wonder about more time than I knew, witch or werewolf? I would ask if you have any preference but the happy couple is off to raise their own family. Rose raised her niece well and its time for them to have some time for her own life. I love the new house. Gal grew up into a beautiful woman, Marius would be very proud of her.

    God I miss Marius and thank you for the Bill reminder in this chapter. I used to love Bill on that
    bike 🙂

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