A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-8

Chapter 6-8

After Rose and Wesley moved in to their own place, Galandriel soon graduate with honors from school. Only managing an B average. She was however votes most likely to save the world.

317. Gal graduated with honnors only managing a B ave

After graduation Galandriel settle into a routine that worked wonderfully for her. Her day start with some hours painting, after cleaning the house.

320. Soon she had her routine down. Painting early morning

Before she would spend the late morning, early afternoon in the garden. As a fairy she loved working with the plants. Socking up the sun.

321. Gardening late morning

Before she would head over to the consignment store, just before closing time. To consign the fresh fruit and any painting she may have completed.

322. Consigning  fruit and paintings in the early afternoon

Before returning home to work on her new book, Dranocus Vallis Part 4 Leon Greenleaf and Tonya Alto.

318. Gal soon started on her 4th book Re Leon & Tonya

As the months pass Rose gave birth to a healthy baby boy, that inherited his fathers affiliation. He was born a werewolf,. Rose honored her father and named the little one Micheal II.

319. While Rose gave birth to boy, Micheal Werewolf

Galandriel’s 4th book in her Draconus Vallis series, was the first she had a hard time writing. It just would not be right. She battled with the wording. In the end months turned to years as she worked on it.

323. While evenings was spend writing

As for her paintings. It turned out that she did her best work if and when she painted nature.

324. As a faye her best paintng was nature base

Galandriel did get out., for more then just quick runs to the consignment store. Well some was not so quick, as she sometimes would pick up a book and get lost in it. Hours later hunger would remind her of the time.

325. Sometme she would stay at cstore reading

Other times, she would start drawing pictures. Some of these works of her sold for $203. Even more then most of her smaller paintings.

326. Other time she would draw some pictures

As the years pass. Krista soon reach the age that she joined her brother and sister in school.

327. Time passed fast, soon Krista was of school going age

And being on her own, Galandriel learned some things about fairies. Like one day at the consignment store she saw a train set. It stirred something in her, so she bought it. Back home…

328. Around the same time, Galandriel discovered

Galandriels learned that if the ride on the little train…

329. That in her fairy form

She would quickly regain her magic powers back, after tapping it projecting aura’s or…

330. She could ride the trainset. So she bought one

repairing the toilet. 🙂

331. She also used her fairy for to repair things around the house

As time pass. Galandriel grew bored with the consignment store. Soon she was looking for new places to hang out. The park like place where Rose got married years ago. Was now open late at night. So Galandriel would get some drink at the bar before…

332. As time pass she sometimes would get a drink

Working on some of her best work ever. Paintings of Hidden Springs, at different times of the day.

333. Before spending the night painting

It was hard to believe, but soon 4 years have passed. Micheal II was a rambunctious young werewolf. Rose was getting use to running after him all of the time.

334. Time pass Michesl II was now 4 years old

4 Years also mean that Rex was returning for Uni. He went just after school, while Galandriel point blank refuse to go. Her interest was not in anything Uni could teach her. Her interests was in the papers her father left behind. Painting she did for fun and for extra income.

335. Rex returned from uni

With Rex back, Galandriel’s social life quickly picked up. For Rex was quickly known for the wild parties he would throw.

336. And celebrate his return with a party

Parties that had him and Galandriel…

337. Where things heated up between Gal & Rex

disappearing for hours. 🙂

338. Leading to them spending time in the shower

He also started writing love love letter so Galandriel. It was a bit of a surprise for her, as she had not heard from him in all the 4 years he was at uni.

339. He even send her a letter not long after that night

She did not let that though bother her for long. Soon Rex was over at her place…

340. Before long Rex spend most

more then at his own. He would spend days off there, never even going back home. Only returning there just before he had to be back at work.

341. Of his time at Galandriel's

Something else that was nothing strange with them. Was eating breakfast in the buff. They know each others bodies so well, it just did not bother them at all. Though Galandriel often told Rex to put cloths on when he went outside, he would just happily walk out naked.

342. It got so bad the them eating bfast in the buff became commen

Life was wonderful for Galandriel. She was happily in love and already level 6 in her job as a painter. Her paintings was selling on the average for more the $1000 each.

343. Gal still made time to paint. Sell 2 for good price Lvl 6

And to top it off. She eventually finished her 4th book in the Draconus Vallis series. It took just over 4 and a half years, but it was worth it. Turns out it became a best seller.

344. DV P4 Leon & Tonya took years to write was a best seller

With the years passing. Lynn grew into a teen and Thurduil had his hands full. The was luckily for Galandriel, or the old man would have been on her and Rex to get married, something she was so NOT ready for.

345. Lynn became a teen & Thur started stressing

Then one day Galandriel sat down to start writing the 5th part of the Draconus Vallis series. This one was to be about her grandfather Micheal and grandmother Amy.

346. Soon Gal was starting her grandfathers book


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3 Responses to A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-8

  1. Piazzagirl says:

    She is getting close to the book about her father and I’m wondering how Gal is going to handle writing the book about that infamous last day in Appaloosa Plains. That is going to be a tough one to write. Does she have one of the writing career ltw’s? Or is it painting or gardening?

    One thing for sure, she found herself a hot looking boyfriend, those two are going to make drop dead gorgeous babies for sure.

    Congrats on the little werewolf he is adorable.

    • sonet104 says:

      Galandriel’s LTW is Illustrious Author. Max Painting and writting. She has the painting career. As I kept the writing career for Professional Author, which is planned for 9 or 10 gens down the road.

  2. jazen says:

    Gal is doing well. She is very level headed and is progressing nicely in her career. I’m happy to see her relationship budding with Rex nicely. Can’t wait to see where that might lead.

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