A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-9

Chapter 6-9


Last Galandriel started on the book that contained all the info she found in the pile about her grandfather Micheal and Grandmother Amy.

346. Soon Gal was starting her grandfathers book

As she worked on the book, she other found interesting thinks that she would share with the family. Like how Amy sabotage Micheal’s original plans for his surrogate. By being the instigator of Flora’s relationship, while sponsored by Micheal. The same relationship that lead to the birth of Alsysia, Galandriel’s mom.

347. Glandriel made time to visit the family. Galandriel also learned that having a werewolf toddler was not an easy thing to do. Micheal would shred everything in his way when upset.

348. Where she learn that very young were's was a handful

As she slowly worked throw the pile of information. She came across some upsetting thinks. Like when her grand mother helped with her grand father’s kidnapping. Some of this did not make sense so…

349. As Gal work on book qeatiions formedWhen to visit her aunt Rose. Only…

350. So she went to see Rose for some answers To find that Rose was pregnant with her second child. Galandriel was very happy for the couple, and along with Rose, she hoped this one would be a little girl, and possibly a witch.

351. And to her delight she found that Rose was pregant With little ears, Micheal, in bed. Galandriel and Rose sat down in the kitchen.

352. As they sat down Rose was appriensive Where Galandriel learned more about the pass then she ever expected.

353. but did answer  what she could

She often halted Rose in her tale. Just to make sure she have the facts right. If it was not for her grand mother Amy, and her instigating the relationship, that lead to Alsysia’s birth. The military would not have been able to force Flora into the situation she ended up in. Or that was how Galandriel saw it.

354. Gal also learn more then she expexted

And the Alsysia and her siblings would not have ended up where they did, up in space.

355. She was shocked anout it

No matter how Rose tried to tell Galandriel that, that is not so. The military would have found a way to get long living Sims one way or another. Galandriel did not listen. So Rose would just hold her…

356. And the women ended up holding For a very long time. Trying hard not to burst into tears, for Rose did not even got to the part about the happenings after Galandriel’s birth. She just sis not have it in her to talk about that. After all it was in the pass, 25 years in the pass.

357. On to each other for a very long time

So it was with a heavy heart that Galandriel continued the tale. Writing long hours, late into the night. Doing her best to tell it not just as accurately as possible, but also to try and put Rose’s view into the book. That was the hardest for her to do.

358. Gal returned home to try and But she tried. Even if in the end she had to rewrite some chapters up to 10 times.

359. On paper what Rose told her

Galandriel was determent to make the best of it. But some things still was not complete. So she know she would have to find out what else happened. So when Rose returned from the hospital with her new baby, Galandriel went for another visit.

360. She really wanted to do her grandfather story well.

Not just to meet her new little cousin…

361. Later that years Rose gave birth to her 2nd son Leon III

Who Rose named after her late twin brother Leon III, but also for another chat with Rose.

362. Gal loved her new cousin, and was over at Rose's daily

Rose, ducked and dived around the subject. In the end just told Galandriel to talk to Thurduil. Rose just did not want to talk or think about that part of life ever again. She was now firmly grounded in her little family. Micheal was now of school going age, and had mellowed a bit.

363. Specially now that Micheal II was of school age

And Rose herself had reached her 40’s. The years was slowly but surely catching up on her. This bothered Galandriel. As her life had hardly started, and would be long. She realize she would most possible not only out life Rose and Wesley, but also her two cousins, who were werewolf and werewolf/wizard hybrid. Only family that would most likely out life Galandriel, were the elven part.

364. As the years roll by, Rose reached her 40's The same elven part, that was having problem of their own. With Lynn being a very openminded teen. That tried everything. To her fathers horror. And

365. Others in the family was having problems of their own.To top it off. Krista had also reached her teen years. Making things twice as hard on Thurduil.

366. And to make things worst. Krista was now also a teenThe only one who did not seam to have any problem was Wesley. He and his sons were very close.

367. Atleast Rose's family was going better

Though everyone did laugh at the fact that little Micheal easily beat his father in the hot-dog eating competition.

368. Specially with Wesley and Micheal Micheal was a pleasure to be around, now that the toddler tantrums was a thing of the pass.

369. Micheal calmed a bit down as child And as luck would have it. Leon III was so totally the opposite of his brother, and the original Leon. 🙂

370. While Leon never acted out.

He was a beautiful calm boy, what had pinkish eyes.

371. Leon even had his grandmother Al's eyes.

As the years pass, Galandriel’s story just did nt want to work. Something was still missing and remembering Rose telling her to talk to Thurduil. She met up with him, to ask some questions.

372. As time pass, Gal also talked to ThurduilWhat she found out, was more them she could handle. Having to stop Thurduil more then one. Not just to make sure that the fact is right the way she understood it. But

373. About what he know about the happenings in APAlso to get over the shock off all the thinks she was hearing. Most would be part of her fathers tale. If she would ever be able to put it on paper.

374. She was apolled as what she learned There were no words for Thurduil to utter. He had always know that this day would came. Specially ones Galandriel started writing. So he did the only thing he could think off. Holding her close, promising to always be there for her, and then

375. And no matter how much T tried to comfort her Drive her home.

376. She started blaming herself for what happened But Galandriel blamed herself for what happened to her family. Blamed herself for the fact that Rose gave up being a teen, to raise her. For Rose loosing everyone she cared for. For two little boys that now would never know their uncles or grand parents. Days turn

377. She withdrew from family and soon started drinking to months. Months to a year. And still all galandriel did was drink and the drink some more.

378. A lot.

When the alcohol in the house was up, and she was even have sober. She would go and paint or

379. When not drinking at home.  She would paint, Write a chapter, most time she was just re-writing over and over.

380 or write, when sober enought Other time if the alcohol in the house was up and she did not want to get sober. She would hit the bars.

381. But mostly just hangout in the bars But even with every thing going to hell,, she somehow still manage to get a promotion at work.

382. But least Gal did move up in her job. Level 7 At Oropher’s 18th birthday,

383. She did not even attend Oropher's 18th bdayGalandriel did not even pitched up. This upset and worried the family. Galandriel and Oropher had been best friends for years, so for her not to attend this mile stone in his life was just unheard of.

384. This causes the whole family to worryRather then going to the party, Galandriel was home. Ones again drowning herself in wine.

385. But Gal just kept on drinking Nature had a way of getting her out of her stomp, but some times even that

386. The fairy in her would pull her to some gardening but failed spectacularly.

387. Soon she would be back to drinking Which was why it blew everyones minds when she eventually public her 5th book in the Draconus Vallis series. Draconus Vallis Part 5 Micheal Greenleaf and Amy the Witch, became a best seller as soon as it hit the shelves.

388. How she did it is an open q but DV P5 bestseller




I had a laugh when this message appeared:

Yay, a Greenleaf grew a Greenleaf 🙂

389. Laughed at G Greenleaf growing a Greenleaf


Also while with Thurduil, they played a game of rock paper scissors. Thurduil lost and then tried to scare the c..r.a.p out of Galandriel.

390. Thurduil is a bad looser. He scared the hell out of Gal

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5 Responses to A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-9

  1. jazen says:

    awww…poor Gal. Learning of her family history is driving her to drink…something her father also had an issue with. 😦 I hope she can find a way out of that slump and not let the past weigh her down too much.

  2. Piazzagirl says:

    At the end of Marius’ life he had a drinking problem and sadly now it seems that his daughter is heading that way too. Rose is right the military would have found another way, most likely Michael’s child with Flora would have been that way had that child been a fairy. The events that took place were tragic but they eventually led Rose and Gal to Hidden Springs which ultimately stopped the military from their evil plans once Thurduil found out about them. Gal is not seeing the whole picture here because too many of her loved ones were affected and she is blaming herself. She mentioned Rose’s and the new babies loss but she is not even thinking about the fact that she lost her own parents. which I am guess is too difficult for her to even start thinking about.

    I really feel bad for her, this is too much for one person to handle, and hopefully she does not keep blaming herself as it is not her fault.

  3. Poor Galandriel : ( one can only hope she stops blaming herself. None of this was her doings and that she was just one of the many innocent by-standards of the governments doings. But of course trying to get her to see it in another perspective might be mighty hard. It seems like Leon 3 is a rare hybrid hmm, and judging from the forums Gal is to. Well I’d have fun with it and not worrying about the glitch. Lol, Thurduil does not like losing. This is a wonderful update can’t wait for the next.

  4. This series is fantastic! Keep writing.

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