A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-10

Last time we saw Galandriel eventually finishing the tail about her grandparents. The book may have been a best seller as soon as it hit the stores, but the outrage of people across the sim-earth about some of the detail made known regarding Flora and her children. Cause paparazzi to haunt Galandriel to get detail of the next book.  391. Last Gal's 5th book was a best seller

This was so bad that Galandriel withdraw from the world. She even missed the birth of Rose’s daughter Amy II.

392. Rose gave birth to a little girl Amy II

As well as both Micheal II and Leon III’s birthdays.

393. Wesley turned 40,

Micheal became a serious young man in braising his elven heritage, much to his great great granddads happiness.

394. Micheal II became a teen inbracing his elven heritage

While Leon III took after his great grandfather, the first of the Leon’s. He may have been the calm’s toddler, but as a child he started acting out. Getting caught being out after curfew more then any other child in Hidden Springs.

395. And Leon III became a child

During this time Galandriel just became more and more withdrawn. Neglecting herself and hiding from everyone. She would run into the house as soon as anyone appear anywhere near the house.

396. Throu this all Gal kept to herself.

This started worrying Rose, turning her old before her time. Nor she or Thurdiul could find a way to get Galandriel some peace.  The paparazzi just kept haunting her.

397. Rose got more worried every day as time pass

Things became so bad that Galandriel started neglecting the garden Rose started many many years ago. The one thing that was able to sober her up during the time of her heavy drinking while writing her last book.

398. Specially after even the garden went to ruin

The garden became a heaven to all kind of critters and

399. All kind of critter

animals, as no human entered and looked after it any longer. For

400. and aminals made themself at home

Galandriel had in braise her fairy heritage and gave up on her human form. She had begin living strictly in her fairy form.

403. All the while Gal just ignore all this and stay in fairy form. Days, months Years pass this way

When the paparazzi could not find Galandriel at her home any longer. Some of them tried breaking into the place. In the hope of finding any of her notes.

401. Ever burgalrs became regular visitors

But with two family members high up in the police departments, not to mention one being the leader of the military of Hidden Spring. the cops was on the burglar before she could do any snooping around.

402. The police was always there to stop those they could

Year had passed since Galandriel published her last book and live continued for everyone even if she did withdraw from it. Wesley got a promotion to a Wiretap Reader (Level 6)

404. Wesley gor promoted to level 6 Wiretap Reader.

While Rose became a Special Agent (Level 8) now that her babies was growing up.

405. And after having her kids Rose II also got promoted to Special Agent Level 8

Even little Amy was already walking around on her own.

406. As time pass Amy grew up and turns out she like Leon is a hybrid Witch-Werewolf

But sadly like her oldest brother, she loved to in braise her werewolf side. Her mother was hoping that as she age, she would also in braise the witch in her, as Amy like Leon is a werewolf/witch hybrid. Only time will tell if Rose’s wish will ever come true.

407. Turns out to be a Witch-Werewolf hybrid like Leon III but with Micheal II toddler tendance to destroy everything

As for the Greenleaf side of the family. Oropher had even gotten married, Galandriel was sadly not in attendance, much like his 18th birthday. But he did marry a lovely human girl Maranda.

408. Time pass and Oropher married Maranda

While Lynn grew into a young women. To the dread of her father. He would soon be losing one of his little girls. A specially as Lynn did not hold the elven tradition and would wear shorts. No amount of taking from her mother and father could get her to change. Even her chose in boyfriend was not to her fathers liking.

409. Lynn Grew up

A year after Oropher’s marriage his wife gave birth to a little boy the named Daryl.

410. The following year she gave birth to a son Daryl

Then came the day Thurdiul dreaded more then life, his youngest girl, Krista became a women. She turned out to be the opposite of her sister, much to her father and mother’s delight.

411. Then it was time for Krista to grew up

To make matters worst for Thurdiul. Lynn and her boyfriend Wilfredo Fultz eloped. Even though it was clear that all was not right in the relationship. They would not even sit next to each other on the sofa.

412. As Lynn got married to Wilfredo Fultz to her father dissapointment

And during all this family drama, Galandriel just stay in fairy form, watching seasons pass. But thanks to Micheal II and Leon II her yard was cleaned and the house no longer looked abandoned.

413. All the while Gal kept herself in Fairy form. Not talking to anyone.

Soon even Daryl was a toddler following his mommy and daddy everywhere they go.

414. Daryl grew into a toddler

Two years after her sister eloped. Krista met the man of her dreams. She was quick to introduce him to her parents. Thurduil took a liking to the young human man, and within a year Krista and Fredirick Carlisle was married. But Thurdiul insisted that they move in with them. As his homestead had to houses.

415. Soon after Krista got married to Fredrick Carlisle

And over at Rose’s Amy had age into a child. Settling down after her terrible toddler years. To her mother great delight.

416. While Amy II became a child

As Leon III turned into the high schools heart-breaker. He took after his father and all Rose could do was laugh. After all she remembered how she hunted Wesley during her university years, even if

417. And Leon III a high school heartbreaker

it now was 26 years ago. As she watch her eldest turn into an young man. Micheal was into sports just like his name sake. (No kidding both time I played he started in the athletic career as a YA) 

418. Micheal II became a sport star as even he entered his YA

Seasons turned to years and Galandriel was missing all the important events in her families lives as she would not change back to human form for no-one. Thurduil, Adriaana, Rose, Wesley, Micheal, Leon, Oropher, Lynn, Krista and even little Amy (who never even met the girl her mother raised) begged at the front of the Fairy bungalow for her to change back. She just ignored them all.

419. Still no amount of begging could get Gal to join the family in human from.

Time passed and even Micheal got married to his high school sweetheart Alexandra Shue, an elf. Moving into a place of his own.

420. time waits for no sim and soon the day come where Micheal married Alexandra Shue

After almost 16 years one would think that the paparazzi would leave Galandriel alone, but

421. With Gal still refusing to change Burgalars kept

the police had to react to break-ins by the paparazzi.

422. Camoning and the police kept having to

Arresting them all, but still it did not help. They would just try again later.

423. keep making arrests. All while

Galandriel had realized this and was just looking on from her hiding place in and around the bungalow. Never coming out or even let anyone know she was around.

424. Gal would stay in Fairy form. Not interacting with anyone in human form

Even when strange zombie like creatures started appearing on full moon nights.

425. Not even the apprearance of Zombies

The bungalow was Galandriel safe haven even if Thurduil truly started hating the day he bought that horrid bungalow for his favorite great great many times over granddaughter.

426. Could get her to change and go indoors

he never realized just what a wonderful safe place it had become for the girl he loved more the life.

427. no matter how many of then

For no matter how many strange zombie like creatures started turn up at her place, she was always safe. Away form prying eyes.

428. Came to visit

And as Galandriel found safety in her bungalow, live for the rest of the family continued. Wesley was promoted to CSI (Level 7) and Rose was now a Triple Agent (Level 9)

429. As the years pass Rose reach L9 Triple Agent and Wesley L7 CSI

While Daryl started school.

430. Daryl grew into a child. Never meeting Gal

And Leon left school. Even joining his parents in the police department. 🙂

431. As Leon grew into a YA and joined his perants on the force

Later on even marring a co-worker Trisha Cho.

432. Later even marring his high school sweetheart Trisha Cho

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6 Responses to A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-10

  1. jazen says:

    Wow, can’t believe that Galandriel has withdrawn that much, even from her family. 😦 It’s sad to think about all the things she’s missed.

    It’s good to see you back.

  2. sonet104 says:

    Yes she is missing many things. What will it take to get her out of this stamper??

  3. Piazzagirl says:

    Galandriel is really suffering from a bad case of depression. I do hope that something can bring her out of it before she loses more time with her family. Being a fairy she is going to outlive all of them so she needs to break out of this before she is all alone.

    • sonet104 says:

      I’m working on the next chapter it will be a short one due to the story and we will see if anyone can get her out of her depresion. Aslo we will see if the depresion and the timing was good or bad for Galandriel.


    I’ve missed your story and I look forward to seeing how it continues. Hopefully Galadriel will recover from this deep depression soon. She’s missing out on life!

  5. sonet104 says:

    Thanks, Glad to be back. Now playing 3 neigberhood to be able to do the next 2 or 3 updated.

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