A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-3

Chapter 6-3Last time Thranduil promises to always protect the girls.

Holding Rose close before he leaves.

Days turn to months and summer was here. Galandriel would through parties in her little fairy bungalow,

and Rose would dance, loosing time. Sometimes she ends up dancing the day away.

But Galandriel did not only party she also got Rose interested in the old books.

On nice summer days the girls would play chess under the trees or

go swimming in the ocean. Just enjoying live the way kids are suppose to.

Just before the school term was bout to start. Rose realize she was not earning enough from the garden,

so she got a job at the local bookshop.

Still she always somehow had time and energy to read bedtime stories too Galandriel.

Even having sleep overs in her bed, meaning Rose hardly got any sleep with Galandriel’s kicking.

As the new school term start an 19 year old Rose had to go back to normal school. She lost to much time

homeschooling. Now she was older then the rest of her class. Rose would be 20 the end of the year, if

she pass.

Getting home after work, Rose made a point to help Galandriel with her homework and

then do her own while Galandriel ate.

Against Rose’s wishes, granddaddy Thranduil bought Galandriel a training broom. When he notice she was

able to use one at the shop.

Galandriel was not just a little spoiled princess, thou nobody better tell Thranduil that. He would fight you

on it. She was a little bookworm. When she had read most of Marius’s notes. She started reading and

adding to his computer notes.

On the full moon the little Fae, would break all the house rules.

And sleep in her fairy bungalow. She needed the moonlight, more then she was able to explain too


The year past rather quickly, and before Rose could believe it. The school year was over and her

twentieth birthday was here. Julia entertained all the guest at the party with her ghost stories.

Adrianna also announce her pregnancy too Rose. Rose was so happy for them. They did not have any

other children the Legalos.

While Rose talk to the other guest, including a boy she had a crash on. Galandriel ignored the boy that

Rose invited as a playmate for Galandriel. Galadriel rather would have her great granddaddy’s attention. 

Soon it was time to cut the cake, a cake specially baked by Adrianna for Rose.

Rose grew into a young adult with only one wish…

to be an international super spy. Too root out people like the Brigadier-General.

As everyone sat down to some cake. Thranduil was already making plans too see this dream of rose

came true.

As Adrienna and Rose chatted after the party. Galandriel got her grandpa to help her with her homework.

Rose was so happy with the possibility of another family member, she kept touching Adrianna tummy.

Making Adrianna laugh.

When everyone had left, Thranduil call Rose to come get her presents. His could not choose what to

give her. The new series Pegasus broom had just came out, but

so did the new Ford Fiesta. What was he suppose to give her. So as he could not decide he settled for


On graduation day, Rose may not have been valedictorian like all her family before her, but she did

pass with good grade. However her class mates voted her most likely to burn down her house, she

just laugh them off

Galandriel sat reading op the veranda as Thranduil talked with Rose….


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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-2

Chapter 6-2

Rose was sitting worrying. For tomorrow, she was to meet the Greenleaf’s. The parents of her long lost ancestor. Will they be accepted. After all she had to go through in the last couple of years, this was not real surprise.

Rose made sure she and Galandriel, was at the house on time. She badly wanted to make a good impression on these people, for they were most possibly her only family left in this universe. Adrianna Greenleaf, met her outside the house.

After inviting the girls in, Adrianna sat them in the living room. Keeping up the chat, getting to know Rose until…

Thranduil returned from work.

Thranduil ask Rose to please leave Galandriel, in the care of Adrianna for a moment and come with him. Outside he ask her to tell him every thing she know of the happenings in Appaloosa Plains. To try and remember everything her parents and brother had told her. Everything she may have overheard. For this will be very important, if they are to found out what happened. For they need to stop this from ever happening too another family. So Rose told all she know, tear running down her face, as she told of the last time she saw her parents and brothers.

As the year proceeded Rose and Galandriel, become regular visitors at the Greenleaf’s house.

Thranduil even ask Rose if she and Galandriel would like to move in, but Rose had gotten use to running her own house hold. At 17 she was not keen on having Adults looking over her shoulder. So she respectfully declined. Hoping that Galandriel, would not one day hold that against her.

Time suddenly seemed to fly, Rose was attending regular school, with Adrianna looking after Galandriel in the morning, on Thrandiul’s insistence. Before Rose even realized it was time for Galandriel’s six birthday

Thrandiul begged to through a party for the little girl, and Rose agreed. Thranduil was so excited he booked the whole Varge Pud for the occasion. Inviting more then half the town.

Galandriel grew up surrounded by a town that loved her dearly.

Great Gandpa and Great Grandma, many times over, treated her like a little princess, spoiling her rotten.

Grandpa would drop a conversation with another adult in a heartbeat,, to give Galandriel attention. But then so did anyone else in town, not only from Galandriel but for Rose too. The whole town know what the girls had to go through.

So by the time the girls returned from the party, they were both ready to fall over and sleep. Thou the party was a major success.

The next day, a fairy bungalow was off loaded at their house. A give from Thranduil too Galandriel.

As the months pass, Galandriel started looking through the old note books, and papers. She discovered it was written by her daddy.

With Galandriel, now older and mostly independent. Rose spend most of her free time in her garden. This was her only way of supporting her and Galandriel now. She did not want to take money from Thranduil, even if he insist on it ever time they saw each other.

Rose always insist that she and Galandriel at least eat one meal together per day.

That was if Galandriel was home. With her now found freedom, and every one in town looking out for her. Galandriel was forever out and about. Dancing at the local festivals was one of her favorite pass times.

For she could quickly fly there, when ever she wanted too, she still disliked walking.

When she was home, see could be found reading or playing in her fairy bungalow.

Only coming out of her books or bungalow, when Rose calls for dinner.

Galandriel was making fast progress through her daddy’s papers and the old books. She even found Andrea’s old book.

Then one night Thranduil stopped by.

After Rose invited him in, he first made sure Galandriel was asleep. Before sitting Rose down to inform her about the progress that was made with the Appaloosa Plains government.

When Rose asked what how this will affect her and Galandriel’s future. Thrandiul promise that nothing will happen to them. For they had not disclosed the where abouts of Rose or Galandriel.

Thranduil told Rose that the nations of Simarth have all agreed to implement strong sanctions against Appaloosa Plains. Also the Brigadier-general and his brother as up in the United Nations courts for crimes committed against both the Greenleaf’s and Abbott’s.

Rose express her sadness, that her parents and Marius were not able to get a hold of one of the outside nations. Then she may still have had her family. Thranduil

said that he too wished for that, but had that happened he would not have been so fortunate as too ever meet the girls.

In the end they just hold each other close. They were family and Thranduil always reassure rose that he and Adrianna will be there for her and Galandriel no matter what.

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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 6-1

Chapter 6-1

We start off saying a final goodbye to some much loved Sims, we will miss them all.

Amy Hoppcraft-Greenleaf. You came to us from an alternate universe, after much heartache. Here you found love and lived happily until the military pocked their collective noses where it did not belong.

You were a cat loving, light sleeper that was easily impressed with a real dose of evil and mean spirited when you arrive. We all know it was mainly due to the bad experience you had in the alternate universe. Here you have the love of your love change you into a Shy, clumsy excitable bot-fan with a green thumb. May you rest in piece.

Next we have our cowboy and jockey, Micheal Greenleaf. You can to Appaloosa Plains after a tragic crime was committed. You needed a fresh start. On your ranch you know many years of happiness. raising your son. Later marrying your love and raise two more children. As a Neat, athletic daredevil that loved his horses and the out doors. Use became one of the world best known jockeys, and a horseman supreme. We will love you and miss you, rest in piece dear friend.

Then we have a young man, more boy then man. Not even 14 years of age. But he loved his family, and was will to give his all to keep one little precious baby girl save. Your bravery and friendliness will be miss child. Rest in piece Leon II Greenleaf.

Last we say a fond farewell to the father of the little girl everyone gave their lives to save. Marius Greenleaf, your fought mummies and explored multiple tomb, none of them held as much danger too you and yours, as the military of Appaloosa Plains. You capture everything you came across on your camera, but the night things all went south, you did not think to snap even one picture. Too show the world what was going on, no more important to you was saving one little girl. We will miss your neat, easily impress, athletic outdoor loving adventurous spirit. Rest in piece dear man for…

Many many miles away, Rose II was getting away from Appaloosa Plains. Changing cabs every other town, changing the directing she traveled in.

At the bottom of the bag Marius packed that night Rose found $48000 worth of gems. Enough to start up someplace else.

So she settled for Hidden Spring. As small reclusive community. Buying a small cabin, near the edge of town.

As Marius never got a change to name his little girl, Rose had to pick a name, for the child could not forever be called little girl. So she named her Galandiel, meaning Strength to carry on, in the elven tongue.

Rose set up the house, using some more things she found in the bag. A jade dragon statue…

She had the negatives at the bottom of the bag develop, to find it was pictures of old family photo’s including her own parents and brother, and…

even pictures of Alsysia and Marius. Tear filled her eyes as she hang them in the house.

The last things she pulled out of the bag, was the books Marius wrote his notes in and the 3 map pieces. Rolled up neatly.

As a teen Rose know, there would be trouble should she not attend school. She did not want to draw attention to her and Galandriel. So early one morning before the school year was to start. She set off too the City Hall too…

Register herself as home schooled. For there was no way she was leaving Galandriel with a stranger.

Galandriel went every where she did. Never was the girl out of her site, but for when she was in her crib in her room.

At not even 14 Rose did her best to be a good mommy for Galandriel.

But it was hard, she still needed to make sure to download

and do her assignments on time. To keep the social services off her case.

To top that cooking was a straggle in the beginning but

as that first year proceed, she did get better.

The relationship between her and Galandriel also grew closer as time went by.

Being raised on a ranch, Rose believed that Galandriel must get fresh air often. So she would take her to a small park, close to her house or

just sit with Galandriel on the veranda.

On good thing with the passing of time, and Galandriel now being almost a year, was that the amount of midnight feeding was getting less. Meaning Rose got a bit more sleep.

That was, until one day it was Galandriel’s birthday. A year had came and gone since she was born in so much turmoil.

Galandriel grew up into a girl that, truly carried on the family. She hair her granddaddy’s hair, her grandma’s and daddy’s eyes, and her mommy’s wings shape and color.

The toddler needed more of Rose’s time every day.

Rose had to teach her to walk, not that Galandriel was very interested in it.

Galandriel did like to try and say all kind of word, even if sometime that came out very close to swear words.

And of cause Rose also had to teach her to use the dreaded potty.

Luckily Galandriel was a quite child and she would happily play with her toy while Rose did her assignments.

But most days during Galandriel’s toddler years. All that kept Rose going was…

elixirs, she found in the bottom of the bag and received in her mail.

Still Rose mad sure to take care of Galandriel to the best of her 15 year old abilities.

By the age of two, Galandriel was able to talk up a stream. She was not a quite little girl any more. She would let Rose know what she want, when she wanted it. And that was most time immediately  .

Being lazy and not learning the potty skill as fast as Rose would like. Rose often had to bath the girl twice at night, after she would mess herself.

But just after her 3rd birthday, Rose got Galandriel to go potty in the potty. And not in her diper anymore. That was a great releave for Rose.

However the little princess, was to good to learn to walk. She loved being carried around. Rose was almost in tears when…

she tried to convince the girl to just co-operate and try to learn.

At the age of four, Rose won the battle. Galandriel would walk and not just sit and yelled to be carried somewhere, crawly was beneath this one. 

So to treat her and to show her that co-operation bring rewards. Rose bought her a little dollhouse, with some of the little money they had left.

When Galandriel turned five. Rose started using the dolls in the dollhouse, to tell Galandriel the story of their family. She know the little girl would not understand all, but hope that as she get older. She would understand what sacrifices was made to keep her save.

With the money running low, and having more free time on her hand. Now that Galandriel was more independent, Rose planted a small garden next to the house.

Every Spring day for the last 4 year, Rose received an invite to the local festival. She had always declined until this year. With Galandriel a bit bigger, she needed to see another face. So see set off to the festival ground.

But just as she put Galandriel down, a women in military clothing came towards her. She made to grab Galandriel, looking around frantically for and escape route.

But the women stopped her, asking why she was scared. Was there someone here that scare her. If so she should tell her, the women would go sort however it was out for the girl.

As Rose began to tell her, her story. The military lady invited Rose to join her and her friend on a picnic blanket.

The further Rose got into her tale, the more unset the group became. What was done to the Abbott’s and Greenleaf’s was unacceptable.

When the military women said, she is going to that this to her boss, Brigadier-general Greenleaf. Rose said, she wonder if he may be a relative of hers. For many many years ago, her great grandfather many times over, had left Hidden Springs with his love. Looking for Draconus Vallis.

Shocked the group looked at her. The paramedic Julia Earthogs, had known Legalos. As an elf herself, she was like all elf’s immortal. She still remember Legalos and Andrea. In fact she was good friend with his parents, Brigadier-general Thrunduil and his wife.

Julia offered to watch Galandriel so that the teen could just get some time for herself.

Very reluctantly Rose set of, never going too far. Having Galandriel in the comer of her eye at all times. She first went Easter egg hunting and then…

she played some catch with Monia, the lady that was in the military.

Later as they were all getting ready to leave, Julia offered to intrudes Rose and Galandriel to the Greenleaf’s.

Excited Rose agree, Julia said she will call her the next day, after she set up the appointment.

Later at home, after settling down, Rose was scared, will they accept them? Will they even want to see them?


Nancy send something else. Something Davis will appreciate in a couple of generations.

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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-19

Chapter 5-19

Last time Marius watch helplessly as the Brigadier-general, drove off with Alsysia. Promising to be back for his baby girl.

As the day pass, Marius got a promotion to level 10 in the photographic career, but it did not hold his interest as it ones did.

By the time night fall, Marius’s whole family was at his place. They wanted to leave but know that in was to risky, they did not know Alsysia was already in space. Thus they did not want to get her hurt unnecessary, but they will do anything to keep the baby save. Thus the grown ups cover the front of the house.

While Leon cover the back entrance. It was risky to have the teen, do it alone. But he was strong in his magic, and would alert them if anything happens.

Rose was with the baby, whom Marius has yet to even name.

The family was right to think that they would come as night falls. For no sooner had the sunset or two squadrons of the armed forces arrived at Marius’s house.

Amy was first to get a hit, she used all of her magic to defend her family. Going on until she was read to pass out.

Marius was not far off. They gave it their all. Micheal headed the men off from entering the house.

And as the Greenleaf’s magic levels drained. Thing got physical. Marius did not stop, not even

when a whole squad, set on him at ones. He kept fighting. Amy could just look on, waiting for her magic to slowly return

And as soon as she had enough for even one spell, she was back at it again.

They military had a warlock of their own, and he got one good shot in on Amy, setting her on fire.

Marius however was the first to go down. Being hit by a high voltage stun-gun modified by the military to kill.

Amy did not even notice the passing of her eldest, as she thought the flames.

The remaining members of the squad, set their eyes on Micheal. As they considered his the second best fighter. They did not realize the power of magic, or did not care.

They did the same as with Marius, and attacked him as a group. Micheal did not stand a chance, he was old and had ever even been have as good a fighter as Marius.

So it was not surprise that he soon went down, being hit in the face with the same modified stun-gun.

The leader of the squadron, notice Amy was still fighting the flames…

so he hit her in the back with the stun-gun.

Leon heard the commotion and went to see if he could help.

But he was not prepared for what he was to find at the front of the house.

While he was still trying to recover from the shock, the squad leader hit him with the stun-gun too.

Then he b**** burst out laughing as Grimm…

come to collect the souls of the departed. Amy tried to beg for another chance. Just one more chance to teach the B**** a lesson, but Grimm was not up for it.

Micheal too begged, he did not beg for himself, but for the lives of his children and his grand daughter. Still Grimm was not will got grand him any respite.

And as Grimm went to collect Leon’s soul, the teen beg for the lives of his sister and the baby. He would gladly go, if only Grimm would spare them. Shaking his head, Grimm took the boys soul…

But Marius did not beg, he greeted Grimm for…

he had seen Rose getting away in the middle of all the fighting, with the baby in her arms.

Thus when the military entered the house after the fighting was over, it was only to find it empty. No sign of the baby.

Rose was hiding in one of the lesser used parks in town.

Making sure to keep the little one quite, so as not to draw attention.

And as dawn broke over Appaloosa Plains, she phoned a cab…

to meet her at the edge of town. She made sure to use an out of cab company. Changing cabs often…

never telling any of the cabby’s her real destination. Till she finally arrived….

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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-18

Chapter 5-18

Last time Marius had talked to his parents about Alsysia. Amy had promise to try and get them a marriage certificate from the alternate universe. Marius was very grateful for this support. If only he had knew just how much he would need it.

While Amy was making plans, trying to get the needed documents. Marius loved spending time with Alsysia and his little bambino. He was convince it would be a boy, as son run in his family. He would forever he talking to Alsysia’a tummy. She would just laugh at Marius’s antics. It help her relax.

But every time Marius felt her tummy she would get sad. Will he ever be given a change to hold his child. She…

may not like kids, but it was clear Marius would adore the little one. With the military forever interrupting them. Barging in at any time. Marius started to visit her late at night.

To spend a little uninterrupted time with her and her tummy.

It took Amy almost 3 months to get the needed papers, with the help of her family in Moonlight Falls in the Alternate universe. She immediately went to give it to Marius.

So one’s again late one night, Marius went to see her.

But this time he did not came to only visit her and her tummy…

This time, he was able to tell her for the first time. About the plans that was made. Some great grandfather of his, Emit had send the papers and a device that would record and transmit the vows to the alternate universe. There marriage will be recorded in both Moonlight Falls, this one and the alternate one, a copy would magically be placed in the Appaloosa Plains City Hall archives. Ever one hope this will be enough.

So Marius turned the device on, and said his vows. Putting a ring on Alsysia’s finger. It was just them and the devices. For if anyone else was to come, the military was sure to barge in again.

With tears in her eye, knowing that maybe, just maybe, her child will be save. Alsysia clearly stated her vows, making sure no one would ever be able to argue the words.

They sealed it with a kiss, just as the device disappear.

Alsysia, could not move into Marius’s place without drawing attention. But see did visit often. Specially as her time was getting close. The last week before her due date. She practically lived there.

Which was a good thing, for late one night. Her water broke. The labor pains chased her out of bed.

He loud mourns woke Marius up, how totally freaked out. He would much rather fight 20 more mummies, then watch Alsysia in pain. Worst…

Alsysia could not risk getting medical attention. She…

had to deliver her baby girl on her own.

Alsysia just gave the little one her first feeding, and turn….

to put her down when…

the Brigadier-general burst through the door. His spies had seen her go into labor, through the window. He came for her and the baby.

Marius whipped out the marriage certificate. Saying that they can not take the baby. He was the father, he had all the legal rights. Alsysia was his wife, and not going anywhere.

The Brigadier-general, laughed in Marius’s face. Then said that in Appaloosa Plains no marriage to a Fae was accepted. Alsysia as Fae was military property, and so would any of her offspring be.

As he went to grab the baby…

both parents jumped in front of the crib. Standing their ground. Keeping him away from the little girl.

He would not take that and called for backup.

Marius ones again told him to get lost.

The military has no say about his wife or baby.

They may be Fae, but they are not property.

The argument escalated, and…

before Alsysia know that …

was happening Marius and the Brigadier-general was fighting. Marius gave it his all. No way was they taking them away.

Thus the Brigadier-general soon landed on his butt on the floor 

This had ticket the man of even further. He was on the phone in a tick, and the next moment creams of pain echoed through the Greenleaf house.

Alsysia will come with him now, or next Wallace’s body would be dump on the Greenleaf’s lawn. It appeared the scream, was Wallace being tortured.

So as Alsysia, could not have the death of her brother on her conscience. She unwillingly left with the Brigadier-general. As Marius watch them go, the Brigadier-general promise to be back later for the baby. Marius just held his little one closer. Was all the plans for nothing?

As soon a Alsysia was dropped at the base. She and the older sibling was force to dress and enter the spaceship. Lee-Ann was held inside, and Wallace was hooked up to a electric chair. They had no chose, unless they were will to sacrifice their brother and baby sister. When the last of them went in, Lee-Ann was bragged out and shuffled in. The door lock and the spaceship was launch within 30 minutes.

(Abbott siblings = Alsysia in Red, Buddy Beau in Blue, Rose in Yellow, Tina in Pink and Maebe, also still a teen, in Purple. Lee-Ann not in photo was in green, she look a lot like Alsysia only with brown hair.)

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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-17

Chapter 5-17

Last time Marius was requested to go fight Dung Hou in the depths of the Dragon Cave. He was not so worried about the fighting, or even the adventure. No he only was looking forward to the possibility of getting the 3rd piece of Draconus Vallis’s map.

So he first got a good nights rest, as he know he would not see a bed for a long time, who long he never would have guest.

The next day after a hearty breakfast and long bath. Marius was off to the Dragon Cave.

He quickly found the hidden door, he last discovered, and with the keystone gained entrance.

He exploration, began slowly. Moving statues too…

unlock four doors in sequence. To pass through deeper in Marius went.

Sometimes he had to move statues around to get to trigger holes, in the walls.

Other times clear rubble to get to things, and on he went.

Disarming fire traps that was all over this place. Dung Hou had clearly never mend for anyone to come out of here alive.

Inside many hidden rooms, Marius found wonderful treasure.

He did get to do one of the things he like most. Smashing boulders. 

Down and down he went. Days turn to weeks…

Weeks turned to a month, and still down Marius went.

Till one day, he found the room he was searching for, or so he thought. The map piece must he hidden with Dung Hou…

The one chest was locked, but luckily Marius had a star shape keystone, brought from Egypt. But to his disappointment. No map piece in there.

So he went to activate the stepping stone…

Turns out there were a lot more stepping stones then what he thought…

And some of them released mummies, from within sarcophagus’s.

But unlike the time in Egypt, Marius was ready for them. First he took on a mummy in red. Beating

him solidly, thus sending him on his way in a whirl wind of dust

The other stronger mummy came out…

Attacking Marius who

beat his yellow butt into

a dust cloud. Send him on his way too.

With all the mummies out beaten. Marius was able to trigger the last stepping stone.

That brought Dung Hou out to play… 

Dung Hou made the first move. Attacking Marius as soon as he sets his eye on him.

But Marius was not holding back, he gave it his all.

And soon Dung Hou was sitting on his behind on the floor.

Beaten the old mummified warrior got up.

Only to be whirl away on the wind, dust to dust.

All that was left, was a small pile of dust the wind did not get hold off. Thus so end the re-animated Dung Hou.

Before leaving Marius checked all the sarcophagus’s for the map piece. Not finding it, he was starting too get worried. Did he missed it some where? Will he have to spend more time down here, or was it just that his information was wrong?

But as he made his was into the rooms, behind the newly opened up hidden doors. He found 3 chest. Marius just know he was close to it. He could feel magic, not unlike with the other 2 piece he had found. Back then he did not realize what it was, but know he know the feeling. The map piece was in here somewhere. Low and behold, he did find it in the one white chest in the room. The chest…

also opened up hidden door. Behind which were staircases, taking Marius all the way up to the exit.

With the 3 piece found Marius know he had complete is life long dream.

THANK GOODNESS – Never ever again


SO as Marius made his way back to report in, he was told everyone though him dead. Two months had pass since he entered the tomb.

Realizing just how long it was since he had a decent meal, Marius treated himself to a lovely steak.

Knowing he was now in China for nearly two and a halve months. Marius took some time of just to relax. He played chess with his Chinese friends in the scholars garden.

Then went fishing at the local hot springs.

He did even caught a prefect Doitsu Koi.

But mostly he just caught some great Kawarimono Koi’s.

When the 3 month mark came around. Marius returned home to Appaloosa Plains. He believe himself to now be more able to deal with the Alsysia issue.

First stop after arriving home was the consignment store…

to hand in the last vacation photo’s. He plan to ever take.

Then he went to see his family. To inform Micheal and Amy that while in China, he made the decision to say home from now on. He still need to find a way to get Alsysia out of her problem.

Marius could not believe, that he again missed the twins birthday. This only show him that the choose to not travel any longer, was a good one.

Leon II grew up, with Vera Alto’s eyes  . The Alto gens are rather strong in this one.

Rose II on the other hand,

prove Marius’s statement of long ago correct. Micheal is going to need to get himself a shotgun. She was just stunning.

Marius took a family photo, to remind him of all the time he lost. He best get himself together. The he got a call from Alsysia. She heard he was back in town, and wanted to talk to him asap.

Arriving at her house, she accused him of getting her pregnant on purpose. Forgetting that it takes two to tango, and the last time they had been together, was before he left for France, almost four months ago.

Marius kindly reminded her of that fact. Then ask why she was so upset. Was this not a good thing. He know she did not like kids, but now that she was with child, the government will not send her on the mission any longer.

She told him on the contrary…

Shortly after he last left she started having dizzy spells, then

when it was followed with stomach problem.

She made the mistake of going to the military doctors to find out what was wrong. When they told her, she was with child. The Brigadier-general told he. Since she was not married, and the father was forever away. The military and scientist will raise the child. She will be going on the mission. The more children they, she and her siblings left behind, the happier the Brigadier-general seen to be.

She did not want to let the government get their greedy little paws on her child. She may hate kids, but no way would she wish that on even her enemies child.

Marius said that would not happen. He had already decided to stay pout in Appaloosa Plains, and he will marry her. After all they are already engage.

Alsysia burst into tears. Apparently, the Brigadier-general, had informed all churches and the Town Hall not to grand her a marriage certificate. She was not to get married. They have already dissolved Buddy Beau’s marriage, and taken his kid away. They say to insure that Buddy go along with there plans. But they all know better.

It was to experiment on the child. Marius told her then they would leave town. Alsysia just shook her head. The siblings was warn not to try, Rose did and was caught. To punish her, Rebecca was wiped in front of them all. Her back is still healing. The next time one of them try to leave, Wallace will be killed. Marius promise he will make a plan…

Soon the couple were trying to calm each other. Just holding each other as they sat on the couch thinking. Before Marius left he could not help himself. He just had to kiss Alsysia.

Marius asked Micheal and Amy to came see him, without the twins. There were something he needed their help with. So as he spoke to both Micheal

and Amy. They were of one mind. Some how Marius must make sure the baby curry his name.

Amy will try and get a certificate from the alternate universe, they two must just say there vows in private. Where no-one can hear or see them She know this was not what Marius had wanted for Alsysia. But now they must first think of the little one. Alsysia should carry on as usual so not to raise suspicion.

Grateful to have his parents, support and hope Amy’s plan will work. Still even if the kid is a Greenleaf, how will they keep the military from getting there hand on it? This worried Marius tremendously.

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A Sims 3 Solo Legacy – Chapter 5-16

Chapter 5-16Last time after returning Marius, heading over to the women
he love more then life.
Alsysia, was a bit awkward, went she invited him in. Marius wondered what could possibly be wrong.He
was gone for less then a week, he did leave her alone. Did she not find the letter he left?
After inviting him in. She began to explain. Not even giving Marius time to sit before she started telling

him all about what had happened since he last left.
The day he left for France, she was so happy when she got his little note. So she happily set of to work.
But things went south when she arrived at work and was called into the bosses office. Marius was like,
why would they call her in, she just got promoted, he know how much she wanted to be an astronaut.
Did she get fired?
After taking a deep breath Alsysia continues. “It seem that when her mother gave birth to her all those
many years ago. The doctor how brought her into the world, see that see was born Fae, even with a
human dad, contacted his brothers. One was the Mayor at the time, the other a Brigadier-general in the
army. There was a long term space mission planned, but they needed six people to man it. But human
life was not long enough, and the scientist still could not get the stasis pots working. Still to this day
can’t. So they gave Flora an ultimatum. She will have six Fae off spring. Or they will take her daughter
away. Raise her, and bread her. Flora decided, that if she has six kids. Least they will all stay together.
And with their long lives, 100 years, would not kill them. They will come back to a time change, still alive
and together. They could start their lives anew them. But…”
“Wallace her second boy, was born human. SO she had to go through seven pregnancies. When Wallace
was born. The Army was at her door, to take her 3 other kids away. She pleaded, and promises to keep
going till she had the six Fae kids.” Marius was utterly shocked, how could human be so mean.
Tears was now running down Alsysia’s face as she continue. “As you know in ten month’s Rebecca will
turn 13. The Brigadier-general, said, that the rest of us have enough experience. I would be an astronaut,
by then. Rose will have the communication skills we should need. And poor Buddy Beau will have the
scientific knowledge, you know his little one only turned 2 yesterday, he has to leave his wife and kid.
We are to leave the day after Rebecca turns 13. If we refuse…” Marius hugged her as she could not go on.
“Love does this mean I’ll loose you too. Is their nothing we can do.”
Alsysia flipped. “Did I not just told you that the S.O.B’s gives as no choose. They will lock us all up. Then
we will loose not just each other, but I will loose my whole family. They will bread me and my siblings like
guinea pigs. Take any kids, we have away. SO we can have more. Those kids will be force on that mission.
I don’t think, they will even wait for them to be Adults. They will send them, like poor Becca, as soon as
they are teen. I may not like kids, but by G.O.D I will not put this on any of my own kids. I’ll never have
kids. I swear. It’s over, you understand. We are over. I can not risk you getting hurt. I don’t know what
else to do, but we are over.” Alsysia pushed Marius out the door and lock it.
No amount of pleading could get her to open it again. So Marius return home, where he opened up a
and finish it off.
Before going to bed, in the early morning hours, as dawn breaks. His world has just fallen apart around
Later that day he called his parents over. He needed someone to talk to. As he talk Micheal listened in
silence. He was lost, how could he help his boy.
Amy listened closely, will this be the future to more supernatural beings? What will they do to witches
next, her kids?
To Marius she, promise that they will think of something. Both parents left Marius’s place in a rather
baffled state. No matter how much they would like to help Marius. They know they could not fight the
Marius sat down, to type a long blog about all of this. Maybe if he can get, more people to know the truth…
A week past by slowly. Marius hurt so much even eating became a chore. He made the choose to just left.
For the response he got on the blog, was saddening him more. It was clear human’s did not care about the
Fae in Appaloosa Plains.
So he booked a plane ticket out of there. Heading for China.
First thing he did arriving in China, was to give the keystone. He found in the Landgraab Chateau to Li
Chung. Li told him, to enter the cave, he must be a martial arts master, and strong enough to break
space rocks.
So Marius set to work, to become a master. It turns out to be a good way for him, too keep his mind
and body busy. Not having time to think of Alsysia and the future.
He was able to break a space rock soon…
and became a master not even a week later.
When he went to tell Li. Li told him he is not a master until he proven himself against an opponent.

As the only available spar partner, was a rather large lady. Marius at first did not put his all into the

fight. He did not like the idea of hitting a women, though he soon learn how wrong he was. After loose
to her twice. Marius gave it his all and came away the winner.
When he got to Li, Li had already gotten word. So after laughing at Marius’s losses. He told him to
collect gems and metal for an amulet, that would protect him. For it was clear Marius was not a fighter,
he may have the skill, but he did not have the heart. So off Marius went of another crazy gem and metal
First he search for 3 pieces of jade…
The 2 pieces of Platinum
He brought it all back to Li, who made the amulet.

Before Li declared him ready to go into the Dragon Cave’s dept, to find and fight Dung Hou’s re-animated



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